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You Should Be Able To Love Your Bed

Along with all the other adjustments you make in your quest for natural sleep, you should take your bed; bedding and night wear into consideration


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Your main objective should be making yourself as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

You want to prevent yourself from encountering any annoyances that will interfere with your ability to fall asleep or will awaken you during the night.

There of course may be changes you find yourself having to make as you test what works for you.

Best Beds ~ Your Mattress

The mattress you use on your bed plays a significant role in how you sleep at night. The mattress you sleep on should be comfortable yet firm.

This will allow you to feel relaxed, yet will give your spine the support it needs. The best mattress is never lumpy or saggy, if yours has deteriorated to this point; it is time to purchase a new one.

The size of your bed should also be taken into consideration. You want to make certain that your bed is large enough to comfortably accommodate you.

Sometimes people who have been using a single mattress find that they actually need more space to be as comfortable as possible.

If this is true in your case, you should give thought to buying a double or even a queen size mattress.

For two people sharing a bed , king size beds might ne needed to ensure each has enough room on their side to be comfortable.

Best Beds ~ Your Pillows

Pillows should be used according to what your individual preference is. It does not matter if you prefer a pillow that is soft or firm, the important thing is that is gives you adequate support.

Some people find it beneficial to sleep with a herbal sachet under their pillow. This allows you to experience sleep inducing benefits from the herbs while you are resting.

The type of filling in your pillow is also a personal preference, from down pillows to feather pillows there is a wide selection to choose from.
It is very important for a restful night to make sure that your bedding is always fresh and clean. If you feel restricted or confined in a bed that is too tightly made, you should consider leaving your bottom sheets un-tucked.

Best Beds ~ Your Blankets

The amount of blankets or bed covers you have on your bed also contributes to the way you sleep at night. You want to experiment until you find what the perfect temperature for you is.

Too many or too few blankets may leave you waking in the night feeling either hot or cold. Keep in mind that it is ideal to sleep in a bedroom that is slightly cool, so remember that when determining how many blankets you need on your bed.

Best Beds ~ Your Sleep Attire

As with your bed sheets, what you sleep in should also be un-restrictive and comfortable. If you wear something that is too tight to bed, you may awake feeling confined.

It is better to start the night out in something you can relax and sleep comfortably in. Your bed should be a soothing place for you. You do not want your body and mind to connect your bed with anything other than rest and sleep. On that note, your bed should not be used for anything other than sleeping or sex.

Your sub-consciousness plays a vital role in your efforts to sleep. You should pick a position that you find very comfortable to sleep in. When you have discovered what position your body likes best, be as determined as possible to stay with it.

Over time, when you get into bed and assume that position, your body will automatically know that it is time for you to rest.  

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