Benefits Of Cucumber For Your Skin

Get all the benefits of cucumber as a super skin moisturizer. Although we try to look after our skin as best as we can, we often forget that actually it has many more uses than just to look or feel good!

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Do You Want Better Skin – Use Cucumber!

Not only is our skin there to apply makeup to and to be soft and appealing so that people want to touch it but it also serves as protection from our internal organs. Remember that next time you apply moisturizer.

Why is Cucumber So Good for the Skin?

When we think of the cucumber we think of a fruit that is tasty and nutritious but at the same time, we cannot shake that image of using cucumber over the eyes to reduce puffiness, swelling and redness. One of the reasons behind this is because this fruit is so filled with water that it acts as instant moisturizer and hydration for the most neglected areas of our body.

There have been studies to show that this fruit actually is made up of almost ninety percent water. This water acts as a coolant and helps to reduce swelling; one of the main reasons why you see so many men and women using it as an eye mask.

benefits of cucumberUsing cucumber as eye masks is simple and you need to do nothing with the exception of cutting your fruit into thin slices, lying back, applying to the eyes and just relaxing. Just fifteen minutes a few times per week spent listening to your favorite music can not only leave you with beautiful skin around the eyes but also a very relaxed attitude practically killing two birds with one stone.

If you are looking for happy and healthy skin, cucumber is the answer that you have been searching for. Both the skin and this fruit contain the same amount of hydrogen so you know that can only be a good thing.

As well as relaxing the skin and adding much needed water and hydration, it also helps to leave the skin supple and smooth which is why it is an ingredient used in so many different cosmetics on the market from face masks to facial cleansers, moisturizers and eye creams.

A Simple Cucumber Skin Care Recipe for Baby Soft Skin

Using cucumber for skin care is no new thing and has actually been around for many years. When you bear this in mind, you can understand why there are so many recipes out there for natural and safe homemade cosmetics to give your skin the much needed care that it needs. One of the most simple recipes that you can use to get the benefits of cucumber includes the following ingredients:

  • 4/5 fresh mint leaves
  • A cucumber – peeled and removed of its seeds
  • Egg white

All you need to do is mash all of these ingredients together, apply to the skin and sit back and relax. After approximately twenty minutes, (or more if you have the time) simply rinse the mixture off with cool water and then use a towel to pat dry the skin.

The good thing about this recipe for a cucumber cosmetic is that you can use it all over the body meaning that you can have baby soft skin on your face, hands, feet and any other area of the body that needs a little bit of tender loving care.
Enjoy, the benefits of cucumber

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Published August 17, 2011

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