Bell Sleeves for Over 40

Enchanting and captivating, bell sleeves are a popular choice for women of all ages but provide exceptional advantages to women over 40.  Bell sleeves are slender at the top then flare out at the bottom falling anywhere between the elbow and wrist. 

They are a visually appealing style that exudes glamour and elegance and may consist of one flare or several.

They derive their name from being similar in appearance to the shape of a bell.

Bell Sleeves

Whether wearing a casual top or dressing for work or a formal event, you’ll find bell sleeves are a perfect selection for any occasion.

While all women want strong, sleek arms, as we age, we are prone to developing unsightly, underarm flab. This can cause many women to feel self-conscious regarding their fashion style choices.

These sleeves provide advantages because they visually draw the eye from the upper arm area to the bell portion of the sleeve.  This  sleeve creates an elongated look to the arm region allowing those who feel self-conscious regarding any flaws the confidence to wear flattering and stylish garments.

Navy Lace Dress With Bell Sleeves

3 Ways To Wear Bell Sleeves

Here are three ways in which you can wear this hot fashion trend for casual, work and formal engagements.

1. Wear With A Casual Tunic

One of the most popular ways to wear this sleeve is with a casual tunic. This ensures that your garment is easily washable and can be worn to any event where you want to combine comfort and coziness with a fashionable and stylish look. Look for tunics with a round or scoop neckline and those made in a fabric that is easy-to-care-for and launder.

When choosing the bell style a tunic for casual wear, select material that is breathable for additional comfort. Because the sleeves provide a dramatic effect, even casual looks are provided an extra touch of sophistication and will cause you to stand out while remaining comfortable during your engagement.

2. Wear Layered With a Dress For a Formal Look

The sleeves may consist of one small drape at the end of the sleeve or a series of layered drapes for a full bell effect. Dresses with layered bell sleeves are a wonderful choice for a formal look and they provide elegance, style and class. Consider sleeves with two or three layers of bell and you’ll find that the dress provides a dramatic effect that won’t go without notice.

Long, layered sleeves hide many figure flaws because they draw attention from other areas of the body to the sleeve area. Whether camouflaging hips, stomach or the upper arm area, layered sleeves are certain to evoke many compliments and give you a modern twist to your formal look.

3. Wear With an Empire Waist

Women who want to take attention away from their mid-section will find garments featuring bell sleeves and an empire waist a wonderful solution.  Empire waists are garments wear the waistline is defined by a tight fit, just below the bust line.

For those who want to diminish the tummy area and draw attention away, this sleeve style combined with the empire waist is an excellent choice. There are empire waist sweaters, tunics, blouses and dresses that feature bell sleeves of varying lengths.

Whether a dress or a blouse, the empire waist highlights or emphasizes the bust line and the material under the bust flows freely. The empire silhouette has long been a fashion staple and the addition of the bell with empire waists were often worn by royalty during the renaissance.

The look has never gone out of style as it creates an elongated silhouette and is a great choice for shorter women with pear-shaped bodies who want to give the illusion of being taller and slimmer.

Bell sleeves provide many advantages for women who want to ensure they are modern and fashionably dressed while camouflaging common, yet troublesome figure flaws.

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