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Being sexy is often seen as a surefire way to win a mate, and many women feel that if they are sexy, they will never be alone or miserable. But what does it mean to be sexy? Is sexiness a cure-all for loneliness and spending weekend evenings alone?

being sexy

Why We Want To Be Sexy

There’s no doubt that women want to be sexy and have potential love interests view them as attractive or desirable. Does increasing sexiness ensure plenty of hot dates and fun times? Understanding what sexiness is and isn’t will help ensure that women have realistic expectations and can sift through the plethora of myths that abound in the dating world and beyond.

While every woman wants to feel sexy, there must always be a realistic understanding of what sexiness entails, what women can expect from presenting themselves as sexually attractive to potential partners and the potential impacts of presenting a sexually aggressive attitude.

It is important for women to keep in mind that there is no secret formula that makes a person attracted to another, and sometimes, no amount of being sexy will appeal to someone who is simply not attracted to you. That doesn’t mean sexiness is for nothing. By understanding your own sexiness and how to turn on the charm, you will attract others. The art, however, is in finding someone to attract who reciprocates your own interests, goals and passions.

Making yourself desirable to potential love interests is the heart and soul of sexiness. Let’s face it; people do not dress sexy simply to please themselves. In order to be truly sexy and appealing, you must ensure you are ready for a sexual relationship. It is imperative that women take time to discover what they want from a relationship and have a clear understanding of their personal boundaries, limits and relationship rules, before presenting themselves as sexy to others. Every woman is different and what one woman may define as immoral behavior may be perfectly acceptable to another.

sensuality is sexy

Some may think they are modest while others feel they are behaving prudishly. One woman may view someone’s behavior as loose or over-the line, while another is completely accepting of her actions. In order to embrace ones sexiness, it is important to have a clear definition of your own standards and full understanding of your views on sex. Being sexy should never be confused with being immoral, distasteful or uncouth.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what others decide about you, but what you ultimately think about yourself. If you are a modest person, then going out in a revealing outfit may not be the best way to reveal your inner sexiness. You may look like someone’s fantasy, but if you are self-conscious about your dress, you will lose inner confidence and any degree of sexiness you were hoping to achieve.

By knowing who you are, where you stand and your own personal views on sex, dress and acceptable mannerisms, you can find your own, personal level of sexiness that you are comfortable with and will increase your self-confidence. The art of being sexy aims to be seductive and alluring. When done correctly, you will attract potential mates. Make sure you are prepared for any situations that arise and feel comfortable dealing with suitors and those whom you are not interested in.

The Art Of Being Sexy

Women have many tools in their arsenal that contribute to their sexiness. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, perfume and fragrance choices, body shape and attitude all work together to create an air of sexiness. Sexiness does not come in a one-size-fits-all package, and there are no age limits, weight requirements or physical description that must be adhered to in order to be sexy. Being sexy begins in the mind and with a self-confident attitude.

the art of being sexy

It is often found in the little nuances women do throughout their daily activities. The way a woman laughs, tosses her hair over a shoulder or walks down the street can be sexy. Sexiness is in the way a woman carries herself and she conveys this through her mannerisms and expressions. It begins on the inside with poise and confidence then radiates out.

Every woman must look within herself to find her own self-assurance and worth. Once she has these, she should honestly assess her best and least desirable features and attributes, and learn how to enhance and camouflage them. After she has an acute awareness of these, she will find being sexy comes naturally.

Sexiness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Like beauty, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. Those who are in a relationship might be surprised to find that what is sexy to them differs from their partner’s views. It is important to keep an open mind about the meaning of sexiness and be willing to incorporate your partner’s views as well.

To some, a strong woman who is in control is the epitome of sexiness, while to others, it might be a woman who holds traditional roles and is more domestic in her ways. Women should be wary of pretending to be someone other than who they truly are in order to attract a mate or partner.

No amount of makeup or sexy lingerie will cover up the frustration of making oneself alluring under false pretenses. True sexiness is birthed through the freedom to be your authentic self.

Every woman must first know who she is, what she wants in life, and have a clear understanding of her goals and plans, before she attracts the right person. Sexiness makes women alluring, but without a clear understanding of one’s self, you can easily attract the wrong people, and find yourself in a situation that ultimately makes you unhappy.

Can You Handle Being Sexy?

There is a marked difference between being attractive, looking great or feeling pretty and being sexy. Sexiness is the art of seduction manifested and there is no question that a sexy woman will draw attention.

It is possible for a woman to appear sexy and receive more attention than makes her comfortable. A woman should know beforehand that she is ready for any attention that may arise due to her sexiness, and display a level or degree of sexiness that makes her feel comfortable.

Some choose to save sexiness for their partner or in the bedroom, while others display more sexiness in public than others may. Some women wear makeup, hairstyles and clothes that are either tight or revealing to show their sexiness, while others may simply use a flirtatious attitude.

Women who are uncomfortable receiving a lot of attention might find they would rather appear sexy to their partner in private rather than draw interested looks from passer-bys due to her choice of clothing, makeup or hair. Because sexiness is a form of seduction, women must be prepared for the effect they will have when they choose to dress sexy or behave in a flirtatious manner.

Women should always remember the cardinal rule that less is more. Less makeup, less perfume and avoiding be overtly flirtatious will always have a greater influence than coming on too strong. For some, overdoing sexiness is a quick way to turn off potential love interests. Subtlety is a key component in the art of seduction as well as being sexy.

Define Sensual

Sensuality is an important factor in being sexy and many women find that by enhancing their sensuality, they subsequently become sexier. A woman who embraces her sexiness is open to her sensual side as well.

She may choose fabrics that are sensual, scents that are tantalizing, enjoy foods that increase her level of sensual pleasure and feel confident revealing her sensuality in public. A sensual woman is in touch with her femininity and is not afraid to show it. She enjoys exploring her feelings and is acutely aware of the things that trigger or stimulate her.

Sensuality is not solely about sex or physical stimulation, but about those things that stimulate all of the senses as well as the mind. What things stimulate the sense of touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste? Learn what things stimulate your mind as well as your senses and embrace them.

You will find that your level of sexiness dramatically increases when you learn what stimulates you and incorporate those things into your life. Do you love silk fabrics? Wear them and you will feel sexy. What music instantly relaxes you or transports you to another realm?

embrace your sensual side

Embracing Your Sensual Side

Surround yourself with that music and let yourself move to it, you will feel sexy in the freedom. What foods ignite your senses and give you a feeling of reward? Treat yourself to your favorite foods in moderation. There is no reason to withhold yourself from enjoying life, just do so in moderation. If you overindulge in one meal, cut back on the next. That simple philosophy will keep you enjoying life while maintaining your health, fitness and beauty.

Do you love the taste of chocolate dipped-strawberries with wine? Go for it. If you have extra calories to burn, burn them in a way that enhances your own sensuality and pleasure. Drive to a lake or beach and go for a stroll. Walk through a museum and explore culture while staying in shape. Find the physical activities that you enjoy participating in and do them. You do not need to commit to grueling workout routines or become a slave to the gym to be fit, healthy and happy.

Discover activities that stimulate your mind and body and engage in them. If you are passionate about the gym, then do it; if that isn’t your passion, don’t despair. There are ways to live life, have fun and get in shape.

Do you have a favorite scent? Wear it, and enjoy it. By increasing your own sensual pleasure, you learn what makes you happy, but also put yourself in position to attract those who share the same interests. The more you embrace and accept your sensual side, the more easily your sexuality is defined, and being sexy becomes second nature.

Being Sexually Attractive

Though many feel that a woman is born attractive, that simply isn’t the case. The beauty industry traces its origins back to antiquity and numerous practices women may engage in not only enhance their appearance, but also create a visually different look. Cosmetic procedures are commonplace and makeup artists have divulged numerous Hollywood secrets that can dramatically alter a woman’s appearance.

Women never have to feel that they are unattractive and can’t be sexy. Beauty isn’t only something you are born with. If you don’t like a feature, you can have it fixed or use makeup to diminish it. You can choose appropriate hairstyles that flatter and enhance. There are numerous hair color choices and cuts that complement your personality while letting your inner beauty shine through.

Maybe you have gone throughout your life without the skills needed to enhance your natural beauty, but it is never too late to learn. By understanding your body and face shape, your natural features, and your best coloring options, you can ensure that you always look your best and feel confident. A woman’s confidence in her attractiveness is an important aspect that contributes to her assurance that she is truly being sexy.

being sexually attractive

A sexy woman is appealing, captivating, exciting and ultimately tempting. Making yourself sexually attractive to others is a powerful feeling, but like all things, power comes with responsibility. Women should always remember that sensuality or being sexy doesn’t give others license to treat you inappropriately. Women can be sexy without wanting sex, and they may be sensual without being sexual.

When women dress sexy, they are not only in control of the image they reveal, but they have to be cautious of how others respond. The sexy woman is displaying an inviting or arousing image, though she may not want to take things further with someone who shows interest. Projecting an air of confidence, power and control is often the best way to thwart unwanted attention, while remaining friendly and accepting to those whom she is interested in getting to know.

The art of being sexy isn’t something certain people are born with, but rather a skill that can be developed. As long as a woman knows who she is, what she wants from life and has a clear understanding of her boundaries, goals and limits, a woman should feel comfortable exploring her sensuality and sexiness.

Author: Tanna Mayer
Published: February 12, 2015

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