Bedroom Vanities
A Perfect Gift For Teen Girls

Bedroom vanities are a perfect gift for teen girls, whether you are shopping with your teenage daughter for some new bedroom furniture, or you have decided that you want to surprise her with something pretty and new, taking a look at a vanity is a great way to get started. 

Bedroom Vanities

A vanity is a perfect  gift for a teenage girl for a number of different reasons; not only will it have a number of storage spaces and plenty of counter space to help her organize her things, it can give a teen girl a great place to experiment with her appearance in the privacy of her own room.

When you are thinking about a getting a vanity for a teenage girl, consider the Hand Painted set, pictured below. This is a great selection for a number of different reasons.

You'll find that this hand-painted vanity goes perfectly with her existing bed room furniture, and that the floral design adds just the right touch of femininity without being overwhelming. You'll find that this particular vanity has built in picture frames, allowing for photos to be on display. 

She can keep family members pictures in there or keep a series of pictures in rotation. You'll also see that the mirror and the pictures are adjustable, allowing her to create the perfect environment and to make good use out of this very versatile piece of furniture.

As mentioned above, you'll find that one thing that your teenage girl values is privacy; she doesn't want to play with makeup in the family bathroom area, and she would probably prefer to keep her cosmetics out of common space, away from younger siblings!

A vanity can give her just that, while helping you free up your bathroom space! You'll also find that a vanity can be a great place for her store various knickknacks ranging from jewelry to diaries to various other keepsakes she would like to keep safe. 

This Hand Painted Bedroom Vanity & Bench Set also provides more seating in her room. If she has friends over, you'll find that things can get crowded fast, and the upholstered bench is a great way to make everyone comfortable.

You'll also find that if you often help do your daughter's hair that the backless bench is a great way to make sure that you can style and comb it out as necessary. 

Bedroom Vanities

Take a look at this very versatile, very classic piece of furniture, and you'll see exactly why it is so popular for young girls. During the 1800's vanities served as a woman's make-up table, holding her cosmetics and giving her a place to "put on her face.”  Today, vanities can still be an important part of a young woman's routine, but their role has widened. 

A vanity can be something that helps your daughter get organized and something that helps her enjoy playing with makeup and other cosmetics.  Take some time and think about what this piece of furniture can do for the teen in your life.

Vanity Makeup Tables

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