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Beauty tools are every girl's best friend. They are the tools we use to keep our hair, eyes, lips, nails and skin in great condition and looking fantastic all year round.

beauty tools

Your Beauty Toolbox

The goal of most of us is to assemble the best tools and even though many of us currently have a less disposable income, the best beauty tools are one of those essential items we are often not willing to compromise on.

If you have the right tools at hand you can rationalize the number of tools you need and reduce the time you need to do your morning routines. You can create stunning looks for day and night time with a basic beauty tool kit.

Hair Tools

If you like your hair to look different each time you go out the house, assemble a few essential hair care appliances and you can look great in just a few minutes. Hot dry irons are wonderful for giving you a straight look and a heated curling wand can give you a lift that enables you to wear your hair in a variety of pretty styles. A blow dryer is essential for every woman.

Don't forget to keep your hair well conditioned to reduce heat damage caused by applying regular heat to your hair. At least two combs and two brushes of different bristle lengths will help you achieve most of your favorite hair styles.

Nail and Skin Tools

Cotton buds are the easiest way to apply a range of products to your nails and skin and are relatively easy and very cheap to buy. Cotton buds can be used to remove nail polish and apply makeup to eyes and lips. Other useful items include a variety of makeup brushes that allow application of different products at different thicknesses.


Every tool kit needs a range of basic cosmetics that can be grabbed on those days when we sleep in or are running late. A soft colored lipstick and a clear lip gloss are essential for night and day wear. They can be used separately or together. Black mascara will lift eyes and a neutral color eye shadow can draw out natural eye colors.

Cleansing Tools

Equally essential in a good basic beauty regime is a good cleanser to both clean your skin and to remove makeup at night. Tweezers while not a cleansing tool are a necessity in every beauty tool kit. A vanity mirror and a purse mirror are equally necessary. These are basic tools for any kit. You can build a more extensive kit from this basic kit.

Assembling the right tools is a must. Without them it will be difficult to achieve the look you are trying to create, even if you spend extravagantly on the cosmetics you buy. Treat your tools with care. Ensure you keep them clean and store them carefully and tidily. The right tools will help you look and feel fantastic and help you to step out in confidence. Looking your best doesn't need to be expensive.

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Updated September 7, 2011

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