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What Are Beauty Spas?

Definition: beauty, n. That quality or assemblage of qualities that give the eye or other senses intense pleasure.

All spas, at some level or another, are beauty spas. Clients and customers frequent them in order to make themselves look and feel good.

However, many spas offer in addition to treatments such as massage, body wraps, scrubs and polishes that revitalize the body and replenish tired skin, a wide range of facilities and treatments designed at improving the visual appearance of their clients.

Spa Montage

So what might we expect from a beauty spa? Well let’s take a visit to the stunning Spa Montage, at the Montage Resort and Spa, Laguna Beach, California.

This luxurious spa has recently been awarded the coveted Mobile 5 star award for 2009 making it one of only a handful of such highly rated spas in the whole of the U.S.

The Spa’s philosophy is to help their clients understand what their bodies need to enjoy relaxation, vitality and good health.

Their intention is that their clients are not simply pampered, but with the assistance of experts are helped to balance the inner and outer persona by treating the skin, hair, nails and body whilst also considering fitness, life goals and diet.

Inspiration From Oceans, Water, And Earth

Spa Montage offers a huge selection of treatments inspired by oceans, water and the earth.

These include algae wraps, a wonderful underwater massage known as a thalasso bath and clay body sculpting, said to be a great help in the fight against cellulite.

But also in their range of services you will find waxing - everything from face to feet. Facials that exfoliate, smooth, deep cleanse and even remove cellular waste.

A wide selection of make-up applications and consultations are available, as are pedicures, manicures and French polishing, not forgetting hair and scalp treatments that can also be found on the menu.

In addition, celebrity stylist Kim Vo has teamed up with the Montage Spa where he has opened an exclusive salon where spa clients can enjoy chic cuts, colors and other style specialties.

So the Montage Spa can offer their clients a complete range of treatments that will indeed treat both the inner and outer self.

What To Expect From The Top Spas

Dolce Salon & Spa

Of course the Montage is not the only spa around that offers such a comprehensive selection of treatments.

There a many spas and treatment rooms that are pleased to include beauty treatments as a welcome addition to more traditional spa therapies.

Pampering In Arizona

Arizona benefits from no less than 3 Dolce Salon & Spa outlets including their award winning premises in Scottsdale.

Here the client will find over 4000sqm of space over 2 floors containing just about everything you could ever dream of wanting at a spa or salon.

Their first floor is home to 21 spa treatment rooms, 10 manicure and pedicure stations and a mist on tanning facility, whilst up above are no less than 28 styling stations.

Dolce offers a vast range of spa treatments and salon services including body massage, wraps and polishing.

Microderm abrasion, waxing, facials, permanent cosmetics and lash extensions can be found alongside hair, nail and makeup care, Hopi ear candles and skin peels.

In fact Dolce Salon & Spa have everything you could possibly need to make yourself both look and feel like a million dollars.

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