Beauty Sleep. It Matters

We all need our beauty sleep. As life gets busier and busier we seem to find less time for sleep. For most people today, sleep is becoming something we always seem to need more of.

beauty sleep

Get Beautiful In Your Sleep

Lack of sleep affects our health, our appearance and our life, yet a regular sleep pattern is something most of us just don't prioritize into our schedules.

Why Sleep is Essential to a Good Beauty Routine

Most women spend a lot of money on products to ensure they always look their best. Research has shown however that no matter what makeup we wear or whatever else we do to make ourselves as attractive as possible; sleep deprivation will spoil all the work we put into creating that perfect look. People, who don't get enough sleep, usually appear less healthy and less attractive than those who do according to research.

The research also shows that when a regular sleep pattern is maintained, a well rested person will look more vibrant, alert and healthy... and more attractive.

A regular sleep pattern is also essential for maintaining a healthy body and life style and people who don't regularly rest often experience increased medical problems. Continuous sleep deprivation can stress our bodies so much that it can affect our health and therefore our appearance for many years into the future.

Establishing our Beauty Sleep Regime

Establishing a beauty sleep regime is no different to establishing any other routine. A habit we are told takes about three weeks to establish. You can change your sleeping habits around even if you currently have a problem with insomnia. Establishing a regular sleep and waking cycle is potentially the best beauty product you can provide for your face, your skin and your body.

Reducing alcohol intake at night, drinking plenty of water and reducing stimulating activities before bed are all recognized methods of improving sleep patterns.

Setting your alarm each morning at the same time may seem difficult and no doubt it will be very tempting to sleep in during the weekend but research has shown that a regular sleeping and waking cycle even when you can have the luxury of sleeping in will benefit your attempts to regulate your sleep patterns. Your body releases hormones that aid the cycle and as you work within its normal rhythms you can take advantage of the hormones.

The average adult needs 7-8 hours sleep at night occurring in 3-4 complete sleep cycles. While some of us can survive on 6 hours a night, we will notice the difference if we maintain a life that enables us to achieve a minimum of 7 hours sleep.

Even a daytime cat nap can help provide us with a complexion at night that is glowing, vibrant and healthy. The old adage "an hour before midnight is worth 2 hours after" continues to be true as the earlier we sleep the more restful our sleep appears to be.

Beauty sleep is not an old wives tail but an essential component of a health and beauty routines that will not only benefit us now, but will help keep us looking healthier and younger well into our later years.

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Updated September 7, 2011

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