Beauty From Your Fridge

We will drink all sorts of tonics and elixirs in order to reduce the effects of age but ultimately only some of them will be of any help to us.

beauty from your fridge

Some Of The Best Beauty Products Are In Your Fridge

There are tonics that claim to help you fight the age battle others that protect you from the sun damage and even more that claim to reduce wrinkling and "cleanse" the body in order to help it fend for itself. All of them offer the illusion that you will go from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan overnight.

While many of these tonics do help you to do things like lose weight or look a bit less worn out, you can attribute these benefits to their most basic ingredients (behind the slightly rubbery juices and bitter teas). In actually fact, you will find that the base liquids for most of these miracle beauty enhancers are actually sitting in your fridge at home. Here are what items are hidden beauty from your fridge.


By now, everyone is well educated on the fact that most of us need to be drinking a lot more water than we do. The experts say between 6 and 9 glasses a day, depending on our physical activity and individual needs. Now if water was coffee, this would be a lot easier but it's not and even though it is mostly free, we don't seem to make the effort as a society.


Milk is really good for you because it can help keep your bones strong with the high levels of calcium found in every liter but it can also be too fatty. Drinking milk can have positive effects for both your skin and bones if you have a medium fat version. You will find that drinking a glass of milk every day does have a slight effect on the smoothness of your skin that you will be able to notice. It is also used as a cleanser for people who are prone to acne breakouts.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very good for your skin and your hair and is especially effective in treating dryness and flakiness. The moisturizing effects of olive oil also help prevent wrinkling and aging and will make your skin extremely soft. It also has a nitrifying affect that keeps the skin healthy and nourished with little effort.

Honey and Lemon

Honey can be effective when applied to the skin but also works from the inside out. Are you throwing honey in your tea instead of sugar? This will heal up blemishes and red marks or blotches on the surface in most cases. The high vitamin C content of lemon juice will give you a healthy glow and keep some color in your cheeks as well as protect you against those nasty winter flu's.

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Published August 16, 2011

natural beauty products from your fridge

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