Beauty Concepts, Keeping It Realistic

We all have beauty concepts but are they sensible and realistic? Women can put themselves under a lot of pressure in the pursuit of beauty.

While we can't tell you how to juggle all the conflicting pressures and demands in your life (we're juggling our own, and balls keep hitting the ground!).

Please understand that these are simply our opinions, not matters of scientific fact. You are free to accept or reject them as you see fit.

For us, a sensible approach to beauty concepts means: Appreciating and accentuating the unique attributes that make each of us beautiful, though in different ways.

Is Lauren Hutton's gap-toothed grin an aesthetic flaw that ought to be corrected? Or a signature feature that gives us a tantalizing glimpse of the woman within?

Well, the camera, along with 99 percent of America, seems to have voted in favour of the latter. And we do, too.

In fact, we say hooray for Lauren Hutton and all other women, famous or not, who possess the perspective, self-confidence, and good sense to realize that beauty doesn't spring from some static ideal but from the very real physical, mental, and emotional differences that set us apart from every other human being on the planet.

So when you look in the mirror, you shouldn't constantly be searching for flaws. Instead, try looking for those defining characteristics, physical and otherwise, that make you special. Then play them up to the hilt!

Setting Priorities and Establish Goals

You'll spend at least some portion of every living day taking care of your skin, hair, and nails, so it's worthwhile to ask yourself how highly you value your appearance and what you hope to achieve from your daily regimen. Our beauty concepts can refect this.

If your goal is to be a highly paid runway model some day, beauty will be a top priority and other facets of your life will have to take a backseat or be shelved altogether.

If your goal is the more modest (and common) one of maintaining healthy skin and presenting a reasonably well-groomed appearance, beauty will probably rank as a relatively low priority, a task you try to dispense with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Either end of the spectrum is fine, as is anything in between. The important point is to have a purpose, be it great or small, when you walk into the bathroom every morning and night.

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Budget Your Beauty Time

Once you know your goals, this part becomes fairly easy_or, at worst, resolves itself through daily practice.

The difficult thing is sticking to your plan and actually using the time you've mentally set aside for skin care and beauty.

To protect it, always remember that this is your private time, that tiny fraction of each day during which you attend to your own needs and put yourself first.

Even if you have only 20 minutes to wash your face, brush your hair, and apply makeup in the morning, be sure to block out all distractions and use every single second for the purpose at hand.

Trust us, the demands of the real world will be there, waiting, the moment you are finished.

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Health Comes First

Working from a health-first perspective: Beautifying your skin begins with caring for it properly and protecting it from harm.

Everything else is window dressing, important to be sure, but not crucial.

In fact, the biggest bonus of having healthy skin, hair, and nails is that they don't require a lot of cosmetic doctoring to be made attractive.

This not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to concentrate on improving your appearance, not repairing it.

taking care of you

Taking Care Of you

Finally, recall that the health of your skin can be affected for the better as much (and probably more) by what you avoid as by what you actively do.

The best example: sun protection. Every hour that you spend away from or heavily protected against UV exposure today will save you countless hours in skin care down the line.

Understanding the true rewards of beauty and the reasons it's worth pursuing: For Tyra Banks, beauty pays the rent and then some!

For the rest of us, the payoff is less tangible, but no less rewarding if we maintain our sense of perspective.

Ideally, beauty should be an outward expression of a woman's inner sense of self-worth, a means of visibly demonstrating to herself, perhaps, as much as to anyone else that she not only cares deeply about her health and appearance, but also makes a conscious effort to foster both.

Some might argue that it is selfish and small-minded to cultivate physical beauty. But these people miss the point:

The pursuit of beauty is selfish only when it becomes a preoccupation; that is, when other important aspects of life (such as intellectual development or maintaining relationships) are sacrificed at its expense.

For the vast majority of women who strive to look their best every day, this simply isn't the case. They pursue beauty not to the exclusion of other interests and obligations, but in addition to them.

When all is said and done, such women take pride in their looks because they take pride in themselves as complete, well-rounded human beings.

You should, try these beauty concepts and get rid of that pressure.

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Beauty Concepts
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: June 5, 2015

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