Beauty And The Bath

Beauty Comes From
The Heart And Spirit

I always wanted to shave my head but lacked the courage.


After going through a difficult time in my life in many different ways I decided that it was my time to live my life have a fresh start and be free.

Free of what other people wants me to do with my own life, freedom of what some assume beauty is.

More importantly, I discovered that the way we look outside is not always a reflection of self-love and acceptance or who we really are.

Worrying about the hair, the nails, the fashion, the make up says that we are not okay with who we are.

It says that we are not good enough in our own eyes if we don't do all this things and buy all this products for our entire life.

What about those women that have cancer and are bold not because they want but because they have no choice since their hair is falling off?

Are they less? Are they not beautiful anymore? Are not they valuable any more? Aren't they sexy anymore? Of course they are !

Women we have the power of choice. If we choose to lift up our eyes and hearts to the beauty of life around us we will discover that we are part of nature, part of beauty.

We are women and we are valuable and lovable! I went to shave my head in a local Barber shop in Coronado, California USA.

The owner asked me what I wanted I told him. He said: Are you sure? Do you want your head like this, pointing out a bald old gentleman on the barber seat, Yes I said.

He waited a few minutes, then he called a lady from the back. He said to her: " She wants to be bald" Do you really ? she asked me. Yes, I repeated myself, amused.

Then the owner said in loud voice so everyone in the shop heard : " She wants to be bald", " Everybody heard that? Right?" Everybody said" "yes".

WE all laughed. Then I got on the seat and the lady shaved my hair. When she had left about 1/2 inch of hair, she asked again: " All shaved?"

Yes, I said triumphantly and giggling.

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Published May 8, 2012


So After I got out of the shop I was riding my bike around the little town, people mostly tourists at this time of the year, kept turning their head.

Some pretended not seeing me, some women looked at me sadly like they knew I was about to die or something.

I thought it was kind, yet thank God I'm not sick, not that I know anyway.

The sun was bright and shinny, uuuh my head was hot... I started laughing aloud, a big smile was on my face. I could feel the wind in my scalp.

I always wondered how my scalp looked like, lol ! Now I know. It is soft, tender beautiful like a new born baby.

I feel vulnerable, naked in a way. My eyes look big and bright. I think my soul is naked too. People assume many things and treat me as they think of me. Is weird.

Some people laughed at me too, and I laughed at them because they don't know me.

I am free to be me. I started a you tube journal, also decided to never use chemicals in my hair again.

I have gray hairs so I'm using natural henna from Rajasthan India, also Rose water which I made boiling organic rose petals and distilled water. Olive oil to soften it.

I use Tomato juice to nourish it. The shampoo I chose the first 2 weeks was "Root awakening" from John Frieda, I loved it very fresh and cleaned my scalp really well.

Then Shampoo Tio Nacho from Mexico I really like it smells like honey. I think I'm going to keep discovering new all natural products.

I want my hair to grow healthy and not to have to worry about straightening it or anything because is black African American curly hair.

I love my hair and I want it to " feel" accepted by me. Well if you are thinking about shaving your head don't ask opinions just go ahead and do it.

I feel more feminine now actually.
It is all about you girl !

Blessings. Ruby D.
Coronado, California USA