Beauty By Fifty, You Just Keep Getting Better

Beauty by fifty is confident and makes the most of what can be the most exciting age of your life. 50. Whether it is the internal boost of self-confidence that radiates as a woman reaches fifty.

The fact that you are no longer bound to many of society's pressures or standards of beauty but have come to accept yourself for who you are, today's fifty year old woman is beautiful, confident, and possesses self-esteem.

Beauty by fifty

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Staying Beautiful After 50

Beauty by fifty begins from the inside out, and more women are choosing healthier lifestyles, incorporating a variety of exercise routines into their daily schedules, and are taking positive steps to protect their health. This focus on healthy living extends to diet and as more women realize the connection between age and diet, more women feel younger once they make healthy dietary changes.

There is no substitute for good nutrition and exercise and these two factors contribute greatly to a woman's beauty. The result is a sexy fifty something who takes the world by storm! As a woman grows older her needs change and by taking these changes into consideration you will ensure that you stay beautiful and radiant.

Menopause, bone loss, and decreasing estrogen levels must be addressed and when treated in a healthy, natural manner you will feel more energetic and confident in your beauty. The changes are emotional as well as physical and an important aspect of being beautiful in your fifties is how you choose to handle stress.

Relaxation is important and will ensure that as your body undergoes change, your mind will remain stress free. Makeup and clothing will have a great impact on how you feel, so choose these carefully. It's important to stay current with the latest trends and it's never too late to get a makeover or update your wardrobe.

One of the advantages of being a fifty something is that you can get back to focusing attention on yourself. Get a facial, go shopping, and don't be afraid to get made up and wear your favorite clothes!

Makeup And Cosmetics At Fifty

cosmetics for aging skin

Cosmetics For Aging Skin

How to choose and apply best cosmetics for skin that is aging, foundation, cheek, lip, and eye color.

blue makeup pallette for over 50

Makeup Palettes

The color coordinating is done, simply choose warm or cool makeup palette depending on your natural skin tone.

airbrush makeup

The Airbrush Makeup System

Discover the perfect foundation coverage using airbrushed makeup. Airbrushing can be done by a professional makeup artist or you can DIY with airbrush makeup kits and systems.

thinny thin chin

Thinny Thin Chin

Thinny Thin Chin by Bliss, How to create a thinner looking chin and The Thin Chin Beauty Secret video with Ford model, Leah Kelley.

Beauty By Fifty ~ Anti Aging Strategies

Anti aging strategies are key to ensuring that you remain youthful and beautiful during your fifties. Fighting wrinkles and the overall toll aging takes on the body is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there have never been so many tools available for women to battle aging with.

From plastic surgery and other rejuvenation techniques to breakthroughs in creams and products, women have more anti aging weapons than ever before. Likewise, your hair will undergo many changes as you get older and there has never been a better time to discuss your styling options with your hairdresser.

Just because you are in your fifties does not mean you have to sacrifice being gorgeous, sexy, or confident. You can make your fifties the most exciting years of your life. Enjoy, beauty by fifty.

Reducing And Preventing Wrinkles

wrinkle filler

Wrinkle Filler

Select over the counter fillers you apply to skin or injectable wrinkle fillers at your dermatologist's office

wrinkle reduction diet changes

Wrinkle Reduction

Changes in your diet can help you prevent and reduce wrinkles, add these 5 foods to your diet.

collagen supplements

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a supplement that is a visible treatment for aging dry skin and has worked well for many women

secrets to looking young

Looking Young

Looking young and feeling great. Tips to help you look and feel young at fifty and beyond.

reduce face wrinkles

Reduce Face Wrinkles

Healthy skin benefits in the long run with less wrinkles if you improve your skin's health now.

Caring For Your Eye Area

crows feet eyes

Crows Feet Eyes

Crows Feet Around The Eyes A look at the causes of those tiny lines and wrinkles that form at the outside corners of the eye

crows feet cream

Crows Feet Cream

A list of the best crows feet creams and tips to help you choose the best cream for you. Laugh or smile lines are nothing to smile about

reducing puffy eyes

Reduce Puffy Eyes In The Morning

How to get rid of puffy eyes and reduce under eye puffiness. Tips to help you prevent waking to those puffy eyes.

The Psychology Of Fifty

i think i look younger

I Look Younger

These are the 8 most common fashion and beauty mistakes made by women over 40 or 50. Are you making them?

look your best

Tips To Look Your Best

Look your best with these useful tips for hair, makeup, and fashion for women who are 40 or 50

Hairstyles And Hair Care For Women Over Fifty

Beauty by fifty requires a change in hair care and this is the fun, artistic part of hair care—your chance to go for the looks you've always wanted but perhaps couldn't carry off before because you either lacked the know-how or because your hair wasn't healthy enough to cooperate.

We'll cover different looks, with an emphasis on those that require more than mere brushing and combing to achieve. Along the way, we'll share stylists' secrets that will not only make the job easier but also add those finishing touches that can transform an ordinary "do" into something really special.

Coloring tips and choosing a new cut can dramatically increase your appearance and take years off. For women with minimal gray, the addition of highlights and low lights can create a natural subtle hue that completely camouflages the appearance of grays.

Discover Your New Do

fab at fifty

Fab At Fifty

A youthful graduated bob hairstyle with rich warm highlights takes you from drab to fab fast.

choose hairstyle by lifestyle

Choose Hairstyle By Lifestyle

Tips on choosing an easy hairstyle for today's busy woman, featuring the short flippy style of Corine Touzet.

over 50 hairstyle

Over 50 Hairstyle

Layered shag hairstyle, a medium short layered shag that adds volume to fine hair and is easy to style and maintain.

layer your hair jane fonda

Layer Your Hair

Should you take the plunge and layer your hair or should you leave it all one length? Here are the advantages of adding layers to your hair.

layered hair over 50

Layered Hair

Layered hair for older women, here are more advantages to layering your hair plus some of the disadvantages layered hair can bring.

Hair Condition And Concerns

hair frizz control

Hair Frizz Control

Controlling hair frizz, as you age you may find your curls turning to frizz, these shampoo and conditioner products are best for frizz control.

healthy hair care

Healthy Hair Care

How To Get Healthy Hair Easy hair care tips to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and strong.

dandruff hair problem

Dandruff Hair Problem

See how and why dandruff can be a real problem for your hair and scalp. Seborrheic Dermatitis can cause severe itching and flaking.

get good hair days

How To Get Good Hair Days

Your hair needs volume, luster, length, and softness. Featured Style: Maureen McCormick's chin length bob.

Hair Styling Techniques

blow drying tips

Blow Drying Tips

Tips and the basics for using a hand held blow dryer. The goal is to style as you dry, not blow your hair away!

style limp hair

Styling Limp Hair

The best products to use to add fullness and bounce, a must for today's popular styles such as this stylish bob on actress/model Susan Blakey.

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