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Our Beauty And The Bath Video library features hundreds of short-form, premium videos from the world's most exciting media companies. Our video library offers you a wide range of topics across the most popular categories, such as hairstyles and hair care, makeup and cosmetics, makeovers and the hottest fashion trends.

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    Feb 26, 17 07:56 PM

    Flip Hairstyle Late 1960s The end of 1960 wanted a easy to style hairstyle, the simple 1960s flip hairstyle was in and big hair was out

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  2. Cameron Diaz Hairstyles

    Feb 26, 17 05:53 PM

    Cameron Diaz Hairstyles Unique pictures of Cameron with cute flipped styles

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  3. Baby Fine Hair | 15 Bobs and Styles That Work

    Feb 26, 17 03:14 PM

    Baby Fine Hair 15 best styles that work well for your fine hair, making it look thicker

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