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The Dream Bath

Every woman longs for a dream bath, and this may be the simplest luxury available for women to enjoy every day.

From the practical functions of the bathroom, to the glamorous fixtures it holds, a luxurious, beautiful bathroom can transport a woman away from her stress and into instant tranquility easily and effortlessly.

A luxury bathroom is adored by every woman and allows her to indulge her senses while lavishing her skin and hair in salon and spa quality.

beautiful bathDream baths are equipped with an atmosphere that promotes deep relaxation.

From lighting and fragrance, to heated floors there are many elements that can be added to create a bathroom that is designed to be a personal retreat.

When designing your dream bath, function as well as the layout of the bath is key.

Not only should your bathroom be functional and practical, but it must also meet your needs. Careful planning and design will ensure that your bath is more than a beautiful room, but one that meets your needs in superb fashion.

To begin planning your perfect bath, consider the functions your bathroom must provide. These include the toilet area, the sink basin, and the bathtub.

These there components are the practical items that must be considered in every bathroom and by creating harmony in the bath; you can ensure that all of your needs are met in luxurious style.

Once you have decided what your practical needs are, then focus on your budget. Since the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, you might find that it is best to set a high budget for designing a luxury bath.

A good rule is to design your dream bath on paper, without any regard to budget. Include all of the luxury items that you would love to have, even if you think that you will not be able to afford them.

You might be surprised to discover that by creating a design that includes all of the items that will transform your bathroom into a private, exquisite spa you can create your bath while remaining within your budget.

By designing your bath as if money were no object, you can determine the items that are most important to your design and choose substitutes that fit within your budget.

Many times the budget is set first and then the homeowner looks for items to fit within the budget, never realizing that they could have the luxury bath they always dreamed of.

Reading luxury bath magazines and books is a great way to find inspiration. Think about the design, and fixtures that will be included and use the magazines and books as starting points.

Pay attention to lighting, color, storage options, and the space that you have available to work with.

Of all of the aspects that compose a luxury bathroom, space is the most defining factor. If you are not planning on tearing out walls or creating larger space, then you are confined to using the space you have available.

With careful planning, however, even small spaces can be transformed into luxurious baths.

Every woman deserves to have her own private, personal dream bath and with innovative design, careful attention to layout, and focusing on budget you can have your own personal retreat.

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Updated March 15, 2012

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