Beauty After Forty, 4 Easy Beauty Tips

Beauty after forty need not be a challange, even if forty is the new twenty, there is no doubt that being of a "certain age" has definite advantages. Confidence, freedom, and usually the ultra grown-up pocketbook that allows a girl to be a full-fledged slave to fashion.

But with that privilege comes a few minor adaptations to the tried and true beauty routine that has served that gorgeous mug of yours since you were barely pre-adolescent.

beauty after forty

4 Fast And Easy Beauty Tips

Moisturize More

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Hydration is a must for faces of any age, but as the years go by, skin tends to become drie. By keeping skin healthy and moisturized makeup will go on much more smoothly.

And it may be time to expand your skincare wardrobe to include a deliciously emollient night cream and an eye cream with firming qualities. Once skin is properly cared for, the next step on the road to a flawless face is incorporating a primer into your pre-beauty prep.

Smashbox Photo Finish is a long-time favorite, and even offers versions with anti-aging properties, so you can treat while you prime with this super silky silicone-based little wonder. Just a dab will keep foundation floating on the skin, and prevent settling into any fine lines.

And the magic of priming is not limited to the face, eye primer will keep shadow and liner from shuffling around on the skin, and a lip base will ensure that your lip color stays put.

Keep Your Lips Plump

Lip gloss will give a plumping effect, even when gloss is only applied to the center of the mouth. And many lines are offering clear lip liners, which are excellent at keeping lip color in place, particularly when color has a tendency to bleed or feather. Don’t be afraid of still going with a bold hue on lips - red, for instance, never goes out of style, but try to steer clear of super matte shades.

Keep Your Eyebrows Full

Eyebrows can sometimes become a bit more sparse as time goes by, so keeping them well groomed and filled in is an essential part of a polished look. Trade in that old-fashioned pencil though for a softer powdery finish in a cool, neutral shade rather than trying to exactly match your hair color.

A soft ashy taupe should be suitable for most colorings. Benefit Brow-zings are a great little kit stocked with powder and wax to efficiently shape brows.

Change Your Makeup Colors

When choosing new cosmetics colors, it's a good idea to err on the neutral side - although neutral doesn't necessarily mean brown. Soft pinks and even wines and greens can be very flattering in addition to the traditional taupes and navys. Keep shadow from getting too dark and edges from being too sharp, the key here to keeping your face looking fresh is blending.

Blush should not be skipped, just a few swipes of color will brighten your face and make your eyes pop. And on the subject of color for beauty after forty, try playing with cream formulas for blush and eye color. Powder can sometimes appear too dry, and a cream will often have increased staying powder.
Enjoy, beauty after forty!

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 3, 2015

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Beauty After Forty