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Skin Care At Forty And Beyond

For 14 years I have worn a wig of some kind. I was told by many dermatologist that because of the damage I had done to my hair wearing weaves that there was no chance of it growing back.

Of course like many women I was crushed because society teaches us that hair is apart of our beauty and to be loved or to be seen you must have hair.

Jumping ahead, the last 6 years were like a battle ground between the real me waiting to come out and the me that has lived under the thumb of society for so long.

Being married with kids and thinking that I will have the support of my family I decided to discuss with them my desire to go bald.

B.A.L.D.= Beautiful, Awesome, Lavish, Diva

Boy, if you could have seen the look on my face when I heard the things that come out of the mouths of my support team o-:.

I mean the concerns were more about them then it was for me which made my battle even harder.

Then one day I did it. I cut the hair all off and took it to the streets. Needless to say, it was the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

Mz Luvly Bald And Beautiful In Miami

People were looking at me as if I was sick. This didn't make me feel any better so I went back to the wigs.

That was 4 years ago and on August 14, 2012 my battle came to an end.

I was getting dress for work and I grabbed my wig and placed it on my head.

I was so frustrated with styling it and trying to curly it that I just walked out the house and grabbed the brush.

As I was driving I snatched the wig off and said this is it, I can't take this any more.

I put my make-up on and walked into my office all natural and have been going strong ever since.

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The road hasn't been easy though. I have had "male friends" walk away from me.

And I still get some looks as if I am sick and although I hear a lot of men say you are rocking that I don't get many dates.

With most of the women that I hang out with having long flowing hair (real/weave) the thought of going back to the wigs do come.

But I have decided that I am going to do me, be me and love me until my end has come.

Beautifully Bald Ms Luvly

I came out to all of my friends by posting a pic of me on facebook.

I didn't want them to be surprised when they saw in the street so I thought what a great way to show them all at one time.

To my surprise I received almost 100 wonderful comments/likes and several inbox messages frm women saying how proud they were and how courageous I was.

I even started a facebook group titled Beautiful, Awesome, Lavish, Divas...B.A.L.D in hopes that this would take away the negative outlook of the word when it comes to women.

Mz Luvly
Chicago, IL

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Melissa Bald Confident And SexyConfident Sexy And Bald
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