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Beautiful Victorian Hairstyles

victorian hairstyles

French Inspired Victorian Styles

When you think of beautiful Victorian hairstyles several words come to mind including curly, romantic, and French-inspired. It was during this era that having a professional hairdresser became fashionable. What types of things were popular?

Well, everyone loved watching European aristocracy so when the Austrian empress Elizabeth wore flowers in her hair, suddenly it became all the rage in America too. This was also the time when long, drop curls were very common particularly among female children.

Come the 1840s, women wore coiled chignons on the back of the head. Hats were a very traditional element in the overall look. Customary decoration included ribbons and plumes.

Simple Beauty

With the pre-Raphaelite movement hair became a little less styled. In the 1870s the portraits frequently showed loose, flowing hair for that natural look. Alternatively you might see ringlets. Both approaches matched the art of the time beautifully as it celebrated nature and Earth’s wonders. In the early 1870s the crimping iron was invented. This provided waves to beautiful Victorian hairstyles and supported "turned up” hairdos. One style was called the Marcel wave which was really just loose waves throughout the hair.


Come the 1880s pompadours appeared. To create this look hair was swept from the forehead. Fake hair was added to give the illusion of longer hair (and make the pompadour higher). In sharp contrast you might also see a very short haircut that had all kinds of small curls and tiny ornaments. This was a perfect leap off point for the Gay Nineties when Gibson Girls were all a rage. Buns at the back and top of the head appeared everywhere. Pompadours continued as did French twists.

The Victorian Tri-Braid:

Do it Yourself

One of the simplest Victorian hairstyles that you can create with the help of a friend. This is best suited to long hair. Begin by pulling all the hair into a ponytail. Just above the ponytail holder pull a loop of the ponytail back up so it creates a loop. You’ll need this later as a securing point. Divide the hair into three sections. All three of these sections will be braided separately, then together. Now tuck the braided ends back into the loop you created and secure. All done!

This is a fantastic option for when you want to wear a Victorian styled wedding dress or you’d just like a whimsical, fancy approach to your hair that’s also very pragmatic and tidy, try one of the beautiful Victorian hairstyles.


Beautiful Victorian Hairstyles


victorian updo hairstyle
victorian braided hairstyle
victorian french twist hairstyle
long victorian hairstyle


Victorian Hairstyles ~ Romantic Updos ~ Braided Chignons ~ French Twists ~ Long Soft Curls


Beautiful Victorian Hairstyles ~ Victorian Updos

victorian hairstyles

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