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Beard Trimming

Use Clippers For A Clean Sharp Look

Beard trimming and daily maintenance grooming is needed to keep your beard looking it's best.

While this is certainly no different from staying clean shaven, it definitely takes some different tools, and you will find that beard trimming also takes a different technique.

Although at first it will feel that you need more concentration to figure out how to trim your beard, you'll find that soon you'll be able to breeze right through it.

When you are looking for a way to trim your beard, start by getting a pair of clippers.

You'll find that having a good set of clippers that you can simply use just for your face is a good way to get the clean, sharp look that you are after.

Make sure that you don't use them for anything else, like paper, because this will dull them very quickly; just use them for your face, and pack them away with the rest of your shaving gear.

Using Clippers

To get started with trimming your beard, start with your lower jaw.

Clench your teeth to get the the skin taut and easy to shave, and you'll find that you can get a much cleaner line this way.

To make sure that you are shaving along a straight line, you can use a finger from the hand not holding the clippers as a guide.

You'll find that this will give you a clean line with no problems at all.

To continue, head on to your upper jaw, higher on your face. You'll find that if you have a full grown beard in place that you won't have to worry too much about what to clip and what to avoid.

The hairs that you want to be rid of will be thin and wispy. Be sure not to clip the main hairs of your beard, because this will result in a odd shape if you do it too often.

Work from the corner of the mouth out, and switch frequently from side to side; this will let you keep your beard symmetrical.

Finishing Up

Don't forget to shave the area of your Adam's apple and your neck as well. It is up to you how much you want your beard to venture under your jaw line.

Remember though that the most important part of keeping a beard looking good is not necessarily the shape, but how sharply you maintain it.

Clip carefully around this area, and make sure that you keep it clear of stubble or fuzz.

Finally, take your clippers to your upper lip, neatening the mustache if you have one, and clipping away any stray hairs if you don't.

Clippers are a great tool to help you get a tidy looking beard and they also give you the greatest amount of control over the shaving experience, so make sure that you try this method of maintenance grooming today.

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