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Beard razor trims may be old school, but when you are trying to trim a beard or simply maintain some control over its growth, you'll find that you can do a lot with a razor.

While some people say that a razor should not be used when you are taking care of a beard, the truth of the matter is that a razor should not be used carelessly.

A razor can in fact be quite handy when you are doing some maintenance grooming on a beard.

If you need to do some major restructuring or you want to try a whole new look, beard clippers are necessary, but a razor can still do a lot of good on a day to day basis.


To make sure that you are in a good position to start shaving, make sure that you start off by making sure that your beard is in good shape for it.

A hot bath or shower beforehand is ideal, as it will soften your skin and open your pores, making shaving a great deal easier.

In a pinch, you can also soak a towel in hot water and rub it over your face to get ready.


Start by applying your shaving cream using a brush designed especially for this purpose.

You'll find that you'll be tempted to use more shaving cream than you need, so don't overdo it.

Start by working it into a lather and then applying it to your face. Once again, don't overdo it, as too much shaving cream can really affect what you can and cannot see.

Start with your lower jaw, keeping track of what hair you want to keep by marking the edge with your finger.

Make sure that the razor you are using is not blunt; a blunt razor will definitely cause more cuts than a sharp one, and you'll find that a blunt razor can take off more hair than you originally intended as well.

Use small, smooth movements to get the best results. Then, move on to the upper jaw, remember to mark out in your mind the areas that you want to shave.

To shave the area of your lip and your throat, try stretching the skin out. This will allow you to get the best shave while avoiding nicks or cuts.

Take some time with these areas because they can be quite tricky, and as always, take it slow.

You'll find that using a razor to keep your beard tidy is a speedy solution, so don't toss your razor out when you grow your beard.

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