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Battling Cancer

Support for the one's I love who are battling cancer

I decided to shave my head for one reason only. My cousin Angela who was battling cancer.

I had shaved my head before because I had fried it when I was trying to go from black to blonde in one day.

My cousin, who is battling breast cancer contacted me and told me that she was going to shave her hair and that I was an inspiration to her.

My hair has been grown back for years now, though I kept it on the shorted side by choice.

When I heard how much pain it was causing her to do it, I did it first and posted pics on facebook for her and all to see.

HighlightIt may be conventional to have beautiful flowing hair, and for many men, it's a lot more attractive. To me, it was always just "hair".

Thankfully my husband loves me with or without hair and supports me no matter what I choose to look like.

It is liberating, and the fact that I was able to do it to give her some much needed support made the choice extremely easy for me.

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