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Battle My Chemo

Battle my chemo, with bald style...

Battle My Chemo


Hair falls after 3 weeks of my first chemo therapy is indeed a challenging tasks for me. I have to deal with clearing the mess and most importantly - endure the pain of the hair sensitive scalp pain.

Even when I was flipping my hair, I had to be very gentle, till the moment after I had it bald.. i am still having slight pain and discomfort on my scalp, which nobody has ever mentioned this sort of pain before!

Being bald totally is so much more comfortable then wearing a wig or head wears… instead of frequently having some of my short pointed hair being stuck in between the materials and causing more pains.

I have just done my 2nd sessions and resting well at home though trying hard to do more routine housework and stuffs but always out of energy easily.

Hopefully I will be more ready soon to be out in the neighborhood or even some fashion events with my new Bald style!

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C.C. Singapore

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Some women are wear a bald style by choice, some like Connie chose the option over wigs and head covers. All are stunning in our books.

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Published July 24, 2013
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