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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

At the outset of remodeling, bathroom tile design ideas are decisions that have to be made.

Much More Than Picking A Pattern

It's not just picking a pattern that can be difficult, but also colors and coverage. How much of the room do you want in tile versus other materials?

Bathroom Tile Budget

Part of your answer might be found in your budget. Depending on the type of tile you pick it can get expensive very quickly. So definitely shop around. Just be sure that if you hit a good sale that it's not because the tile is being retired.

Manufacturers won't always keep the same tiles available forever and you'll want to be able to make repairs when necessary. If the tile is in limited supply buy extra then and there so you won't worry about future availability. In terms of economy – look for enamel tiles.

Tile Placement

In considering bathroom tile design ideas, there's really no need to put tiles in areas where no one can see them.

That will save you a little time and money. There are some obviously places you can put tile, like at the top of the tub or shower or along any chair rail on the walls.

Some people enjoy tile floors and full tile walls in the shower, but again remember that the money and time can become cumbersome on projects of that nature. Too much tile can also make a room feel closed in.

Bathroom Tile Design Colors & Sizes

Avoid dark colors in small spaces. Lighter hues open up a room. Generally it's recommended that the majority of large tile be something earthy (beige is one example) with the smaller tiles being colorful accent pieces.

So use larger tiles as the key coverage and smaller ones for patterning and decoration.

Note that some companies are offering custom tiles with monograms or other imagery if you really want to make a bathroom that's wholly personalized and luxurious. If you have a small bathroom large tiles are going to look funny.

However, you don't want your tiles too small or there's going to be a lot of grout lines – and that means cleaning and maintenance. Similarly small tiles can get completely lost in a large bathroom.

The only exception to the small tile rule is when you have limited floor or wall space. Small tiles are more easily laid to accommodate that space.

Tile Material Madness

In looking at various bathroom tile design ideas its good to remember that you have a LOT of media from which to choose. By mixing and matching various types of tile you can create a more textured, rich look.

There's copper, glass, acrylic, bamboo, quarry, porcelain and terra cotta just to name a few! And the options don't end there – you can also get colored grout to round out the entire look of your bathroom and tie everything together.

With this in mind, it's good to go to several stores that stock tile and have sample designs for you to look over.

While you can certainly create something customized, those samples give you a great place to start and may inspire concepts you hadn't considered for your bathroom tile design ideas.

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Updated March 15, 2012

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