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Bathroom Lighting For Makeup Application

When it comes to choosing bathroom lighting for makeup application there are several factors to take into consideration.

The Best Lighting For Applying Makeup

These factors include the type of lighting you select, the fixtures used, the amount of lighting in the bathroom, and the location of the lighting.

Considering these four factors will ensure that your makeup application will look flawless and will appear as if a professional performed it.

The choice of lighting will have a direct impact on your finished makeup result; you will need to select your light carefully to avoid complications. Natural lighting always provides the best results and makeup should be applied in natural lighting when possible.

Bathroom lighting should include windows and possibly skylights to ensure that there is plenty of natural sunlight entering the room.

When natural light flows into the bathroom first thing in the morning, your bathroom will be inundated with a soft glow. If you feel that natural light is not enough, then you might want to select a combination of light sources.

Artificial lighting tends to consist of overhead fixtures and fluorescent lights. You can use a track system, wall fixtures, or chandeliers. These lights can be harsh, however, as well as cast shadows, and make it difficult to apply makeup by obscuring the true view.

If you are going to use artificial lighting in your contemporary lighting scheme, then select natural daylight bulbs.

These will prevent additional yellow light from being cast and will give you an excellent lighting source. Natural daylight bulbs in artificial light fixtures are an excellent way to get perfect results when applying makeup.

For those who find that they need additional bathroom lighting for makeup application, there is always the option of adding makeup mirrors to the bathroom. Makeup mirrors are easy to install and can be placed on vanity tables.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and lighting options, and can also include magnification mirrors to give you a better view while applying makeup.

You can rest assured that every makeup application will be perfect when using makeup mirrors. Another option is to add strip lights to your bathroom mirror and create you own makeup mirror.

Strip lights can be placed around the perimeter of any mirror fixture in your bathroom, making it the choice do-it-yourself project for your makeup application and shaving needs. When choosing lighting, make sure that you have the ability to lower or dim the lights as well.

Since you will be wearing your makeup in a variety of different light settings, it is good to have the option of previewing your makeup before going out. You can select from a variety of strip lighting kits that can easily accommodate your makeup application needs.

It is important to realize that fluorescent lighting is harsh and never flatters the face. In fact, applying makeup in fluorescent lighting gives a poor result. It magnifies imperfections and makes colors appear as if they have a blue tint or base.

This color imperfection isn't visible in natural or soft lighting. By taking these factors into consideration, you can make certain that you select the best bathroom lighting for makeup application.

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Updated March 15, 2012

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