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Bath Towel Stand, A Unique Feature To Add

Consider a bath towel stand if you're looking for a unique feature for your bathroom.

Luxury Is Just A Few Steps Away

Unlike conventional standard towel racks, towel stands come in a huge variety of materials and styles suited for nearly any decor.

Take, for example, a towel stand that's also a glass table (the bath towel arm sets in the middle of the table and extends outward). This is a great feature where functionality meets space constraints and provides an additional surface.

Or, what about a heated bath towel stand? There's nothing quite so luxurious and pampering as coming out of the bath or shower to a pre-warmed towel. Towel warmers can be tied into your heating system, or if you prefer they also come in stand-alone versions.

From chrome, brass and stainless to both vintage and modern designs, heated bath towel stands can also help you dry your towels more quickly after use (this means less risk of mildew or that nasty damp odor occurring in the bathroom).

Note that it will take an average towel about 50 minutes to warm up using a heated rack. These are just two ideas for your consideration; there are many, many more!

Buying Guide

So you've wandered through a few bath stores and find yourself overwhelmed by choices. Looking at all the styles and mediums can make anyone's head spin.

Take a breather from sensory overload and sit down with some paper and pen. Now ask yourself these questions:


Towel racks do not simply come in metallic tones like nickel or iron – some now have colored finishes from which to choose.

The best way to ponder colors for towel racks is what will blend in best with your bathroom's overall theme for many years to come? Make those consumer dollars work over the long haul by going with neutral hues, the timelessness of iron, or maybe a polished copper.


Towel racks have been created in a wide variety of styles ranging from art deco and Victorian to ultra modern. This means that there are also a lot of different base medias for your consideration (bamboo, iron, copper, stainless etc.).

Glass feels bright and clean and usually fits best in a modern bathroom where wood or stone have a more rustic appeal. Think about how the bath towel rack can help tie together subtle nuances of your design and you'll be well on the way to a good choice.

One Size fits All?

Towel racks come in a variety of sizes to suit your family's needs and lifestyle. Some are even so elaborate as to include drawers and cabinets!

You probably don't want this feature to overwhelm everything else in the bathroom – so figure out what size is comfortable and most serviceable for your needs.


What about towel racks that offer "add ons" like a space for hand soap, toilet paper holder and a mirror? Depending on how big your bathroom is, theOn the Level: The average bath towel rack is 48" above the floor.

However, with bath towel stands you have a lot more flexibility. Some have lower arms for children's easy access, for example, while others have been designed with higher arms for tall family little extras should be great space savers.

Spacing Out

For tiny bathrooms you may think a bath towel rack will never fit. Have no fear – there are several that come ready for installation over the back of the toilet where they won't take up any more floor space.
Enjoy adding a new bath towel stand

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Updated March 15, 2012

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