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Bath Sanctuary

The bathroom should always be a place where you can get away from everything going on in your life and rejuvenate yourself as needed.


No matter what goes on in the bathroom, what part of your beauty routine your taking part in, you should feel free to be who you are in there, free from the prying eyes of the outside world.

You should do everything possible to make your bathroom a place where you always feel calm and at peace with your surroundings. Make your bathroom a sanctuary for escape and personal freedom.

It does not matter how chaotic the rest of your home may be, the bathroom is typically the one room in the house where you can be guaranteed to be alone to reflect and just be yourself.

These days, virtually everyone views their bathroom as a place to get away from it all. However, this is a fairly new concept.

We are so used to seeing bathrooms in every establishment that we enter, with personal homes often containing breathtaking washrooms.

Until the turn of the century however, a private bathroom was not a common sight in most homes. You had to be incredibly wealthy to have the privilege of indulging in a bathroom all of your own.

In Victorian times, those with plenty of money would build bathrooms that were large and full of splendor. Those who could not afford such a thing were forced to clamor up many stairs with water that they found from a public well before they could bath.

For a great number of centuries, when you wished for a bath, it was hardly a private experience. In fact, bathing was a social activity that took place in communal baths with numerous people at a time.

As time went on and technology moved forward, major cities found themselves with water mains that allowed hot water to come directly into the home. This allowed for people to begin building their own bathrooms where they could soak in private.

Bathing and what it entails has been around since the beginning of time. Back in the days of the Ancient Greeks, it was considered to be in good manners to provide a bath for travelers weary from the road.

Oils would be slathered unto the person’s body and then scrubbed off to leave them feeling refreshed. However, only women were privy to warm water as it was considered to be too delicate for men to indulge in.

The Ancient Greeks also believed in adding a palm full of rose cuttings to a cup of bath salts to make the experience that much more pleasurable. The floating petals created a soothing aroma and showed kindness to a stranger far from home.

Always do what you can to make your bathroom a special place where you can be alone and indulge in your most private moments in complete tranquility and peace.


The modern bathrooms of today are often large, spacious rooms meant to hold furniture, make-up tables, mirrors, lights, magazine racks and anything else that is desired to make this room everything that you need in a sanctuary.

Create And Enjoy, A Bath Sanctuary

Bath Sanctuary

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