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bath-sceneVirtually every woman longs for a wonderful bath; thankfully we offer you a bath section with delightful ways to make all of your bath fantasies a reality. The perfect shower will offer you a transformation from feeling stressed to a complete renewal of spirit.

The same is true for an incredible bath. Picture your tub filled full with warm water, perhaps a deliciously scented candle flickering nearby - can you think of a more relaxing way to spend an hour?

When you pamper yourself in private, the results will shine through to others when you are in public.

Meeting your intimate care needs allows you to always look and feel your best.


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Beauty Recipes

See how easy it is to make and prepare your own bath, body, and beauty products at home.

For Yourself
For Gifts

Beauty Recipes


Aprodisiac Aromatics



This article examines aromatics that specifically target our emotions – love and passion, tenderness and enthusiasm

See how you can add Aromatherapy to your life as an Aphrodisiac with easy to find ingredients.


Aphrodisiac Aromatics


The Art Of The Bath

Taking care of yourself and making yourself feel special does not have to involve huge tasks, in fact, it is often the little things that go a very long way in allowing you to feel wonderful.

For example, a brisk walk on your lunch hour, window shopping, a ten minute phone call with your best friend or of course a long, luxurious bath are all simple steps you can take to make yourself feel like your important.

Honest beauty shows when you take care of all of your skin and body needs as well as by paying attention to your overall health and emotions. There is a range of different ways that you can go about this, and you can find something based on your own personal interests to appeal to your senses.

Indulging yourself in the bathroom with either a sensational shower or a beautiful bath is the first choice of many women for taking care of soothing their inner self.

It is important too to remember that your age can also reflect what your current beauty needs are. This is also true of the passing of the seasons. In the following section, you will be privy to a guide that will allow you to create a spa right at home, as well as flexible beauty regimens for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

By reading this section, you will be exposed to lovely details of superb bathrooms and be able to uncover the fundamentals of both body and skin care.

We will offer you innovative ways to welcome each season as it approaches. You may also find that your thoughts on beauty may grow and change and you will be left will a renewed appreciation on the best ways to treat yourself as good as you deserve.

Nylon Fabric Bath Sponges
Do you now why a nylon bath pouf or nylon fabric loofah can be better for you to use on your body than a facecloth?
See why nylon makes the best bath sponge.
Nylon Bath Sponges And Loofahs


The Seasons Of Baths

Spring Baths
Spring is a time of renewal, renew yourself, mind, body, and soul.
The Spring Bath

Summer Baths
The summer heat can leave you and your body hot and tired, cool down and refresh bringing the light fresh scents of summer into your bath.
The Summer Bath

Autumn Baths
Cover yourself and fill your bath with the sensual fragrances of fall to smell and feel as beautiful as this wondrous time of year.
The Autumn Bath

Winter Baths
Never forget during the busy times of the winter season to take moments for yourself. Indulge in a warm winter bath.
The Winter Bath

Specialty Baths

Bath Sanctuary
The bathroom should always be a place where you can get away from everything going on in your life and rejuvenate yourself as needed.
Bath Sanctuary

Sea Salt Baths
Discover the benefit for your health and body by soaking in a tub of sea salt as did Cleopatra, today many sea salt recipes are called Cleopatra Sea Salts
Sea Salt Baths

Skin Nourishing Milk Baths

Milk Baths
Though many of the top spas and health resorts have started offering milk baths to their clients, the truth is, milk baths are really nothing new and have been used since Cleopatra. Read about milk baths and try one of the homemade milk bath recipes
Milk Baths

Mud Baths
Try a little mud bath therapy, a mud bath is one way high end spas pamper you! If you have been wondering what is a mud bath, this article will give you the scoop
Mud Baths

Baths From The Past

Bath History

Bathtub History
Women did not always have the baths we enjoy today, reflect on the importance of this luxury and how it has evolved over the years.
Bathtub History

Ancient Roman Baths
Bathing in a Roman public bath is a contrast to the privacy we demand in today's modern bathroom.
Ancient Roman Baths

Baths Of Caracalla
Constructed in Rome, around AD 212 to 215, the Baths of Caracalla were the second largest public bath houses.
Baths Of Caracalla

Baths Of Diocletian
Diocletian boasted the largest Roman bath house or thermae holding over 3000 Roman bathers, the Diocletian baths are now ruins.
Baths Of Diocletian

Russian Baths - The Banya
The Russian steam bath, the banya is to promote good health, beauty, circulation, and relaxation
Russian Baths

The Baths At Virgin Gorda - The British Virgin Islands
The baths of Vigin Gorda are a beautiful natural wonder. Virgin Gorda baths are a must see if you are in the BVI
The Baths At Virgin Gorda

Vanity Makeup Tables
One of the most romantic gifts a man can give a woman, a makeup vanity table can be purcased as a set with vanity, tri fold mirror, and soft upholstered bench.

Vanities of the 18th century were used primarily as make up tables. Vanity sets available today are modernized and are once again becoming popular bedroom, bathroom, or living room furniture. Many vanities can double as writing desks and are often the main focus for bedroom furniture.

Choose from a vanity from a wide variety of wooden, wrought iron, hand painted, or brass vanities to suit every room and every women.
Vanity Makeup Tables


Bedroom Vanities

Perfect for pre teens and teen girls bedrooms, bedroom vanities with small drawers and mirrors. A special place she can call her own for makeup, hairstyling, or just to day dream...
Bedroom Vanities


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