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Barielle Nail Thickener Review

If you have split, cracked or peeling nails and want a fast solution that also nourishes fingernails, consider trying Barielle Nail Thickener. This product provides a coat of vitamins and protein that thickens your nail up to 50 percent with one application. You can use it easily either on polished nails or bare ones.

Damaged Nails: Our hands are exposed to many things that can damage nails. Even frequent dishwashing can rob your nails of the hydration they require to stay healthy. Household cleaners can also have a rough impact on fingernails. As a result our nails may crack and split, become discolored or just look blah.

The Barielle line of nail products are specially formulated to tackle some of the most common nail problems head (or hand) on. In this case they’ve combined Vitamin E with vegetable protein to make a fantastically strong nail coating that looks natural. Once you apply the Barielle Nail Thickener and let it dry you can add color to create a well-manicured look.


The benefits of Barielle Nail Thickener include:
- Barley noticeable; clear/natural looking finish
- Thickens nails up to 50% with just one coat
- Begins healing spit, cracked, dry or damaged nails
- Can be applied to a bare nail or ones with polish
- Encourages healthy nail growth

Price Point

On average a .5 oz. bottle of Barielle Nail Thickener costs $16.00. This price is very competitive with other similar products on the market, some of which do not work nearly as well. Because you only need one coat to thicken your nails, this little bottle should last a long time.

If you want healthier nails that grow without cracking and splinters, then a weekly application of Barielle Nail Thickener will help greatly. For individuals who already have damaged fingernails, this product also begins the healing process while protecting your nails from negative environmental factors. People who have purchased Barielle Nail Thickener have given it excellent reviews across the board.

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