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Barielle Nail Strengthener

Barielle Nail Strengthening Cream

Some 30 years ago Barielle Nail Strengthener was introduced as a unique nail care product. While its roots go back to conditioning thoroughbred horse hooves, the product’s ability to make human nails grow strong and healthy quickly became apparent. Not only does Barielle Nail Strengthener condition your nails but it helps them resist breaking and splitting.


What is in Barielle Nail Strengthening Cream?

Barielle Nail Strengthener has several key ingredients that nourish your nails. They include Vitamin E (which is an antioxidant vitamin), glycerin and vegetable protein. Vitamin E takes years off your nails while supporting overall nail health.

What causes brittle or weak nails?

There are a variety of reasons that your nails may be brittle. If its wintertime, the dry heat in many homes can be very damaging to your nails.  Other possible causes include nail infections, nail fungus, poor nutrition, chemical exposure and underlying illnesses.

Using Barielle's Nail Strengthener

This product could not be any easier to use to strengthen weak, cracking nails. Simply wash your hands and dry them. Next, massage the nail strengthener into both your fingernail and cuticle on each finger. If your nails have been damaged by acrylic fingernail polish, this will need to be done 2-3 times a day. Once your nails show improvement you can reduce the frequency to once a day. 

For relatively normal nails once a day for a month should do the trick to develop much healthier, younger looking fingernails. Note that the manufacturer recommends 3 treatments daily for best results but many consumers report that once a day improves nail health greatly. This certainly saves a little money!

Many individuals chose to combine Barielle Nail Strengthening cream with other products like cuticle creams and hand moisturizers so that the whole hand gets attention. In terms of cost, one ounce runs between $17 and $20 but people report that it lasts a very long time.

Barielle's Nail Strengthening cream is excellent for people who have damaged, cracking or splintering fingernails. It encourages the growth of healthier, stronger fingernails.

The product goes on easily, and begins to illustrate results in about four week’s time. Once nails are healthy, the nail strengthener can continue to be used to keep fingernails strong and crack-free.

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