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Barielle Nail Polish Review

Barielle nail polish, a line called Shades, is another addition to the high-quality hand and foot care products produced by this company. Where other nail polishes have ingredients that can actually damage your fingernails, Barielle nail polish has been carefully designed not only to look fantastic, but to be healthy for your nails.


Color My World With Barielle Shades

The name Shades is ideal for the Barielle nail polish line as its filled to overflowing with rich, amazing hues that really pop. In fact, the colors are so lush that it’s hard to choose. Some you may enjoy include:
Beaches and Dreams: a pale peach that goes on like a dream
Coco Bar: dark chocolate hue perfect for winter
Date Night: dark forest green with a hint of shine
Decadence: shiny turquoise
Make it a Latte: a light brown
Slate of Affairs: a pale denim color that’s wonderfully casual
Sweet Addiction: flat teal that’s not overly flashy (great for blue-eyed women)

This list is only a small sampling of the over 40 colors available. Price wise? Barielle Polish costs $8.00 a bottle, goes on smooth, and creates a salon-style look. About the only down side is that you may find this polish does not last quite as long because it does not use the harsh chemicals that contribute to more durable nail polishes.

About Barielle

Barielle is an interesting company in that it didn’t start as a beauty product firm. Rather Howard and EsteLee Price were focused on making cream for thoroughbred racehorses at Belmont. This cream was applied to the horses’ hooves to condition and strengthen them. Then something unexpected happened. It seems the jockeys’ fingernails were improving too just by handling the cream!

That discovery was some 25 years ago. The Prices decided to recreate their formula for men’s and women’s nails. Beyond the strengthener they also creates a variety of other items that could work cooperatively for hand, foot and nail health.

Benefits of Barielle Nail Polish

Barielle Nail Polish has several benefits including:

-     No formaldehyde or DBP in the product
-     Ingredients include natural plant oils, protein and antioxidants that fight the signs of aging in nails. 
-     Wide variety of well-formulated colors
-     Reasonable price

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