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Barielle Nail Cream Review

The history of the Barielle company began with the Barielle Nail Cream. Originally this cream was the sole item the company produced specifically to condition and strengthen the hooves of champion horses. And while the product worked wonderfully, jockeys suddenly discovered that the more they used the cream on their horses, the stronger their fingernails became. Cracks faded, splinters stopped and nails began to grow faster and healthier.

So it was that the direction of Barielle as a company transformed and moved from the racetrack into people’s homes with hand care, nail care and foot care products. Specific attention has been paid by this firm to ensure that their products can work cooperatively together for healthier nails and skin but remain affordable.

Additionally Barielle has made efforts to remove harmful ingredients from their products and replace them with gentler options including vegetable oils, antioxidants, vitamins and protein. This means that while you’re getting a great manicured look, you’re also getting healthier nails!

Barielle Nail Cost:

A one-ounce jar of Barielle Nail Cream costs about $17.00 (however if you watch you can find periodic buy-one-get-50% off specials on various web sites). Tuck the second jar away or give it as a gift to a friend whose struggling with weak nails. Note that this price is right in line with other salon-style products of this nature.

Using Barielle Cream

If you’re applying the nail cream to healthy hands, then once a day is sufficient. Nails that have been damaged particularly by acrylics require 2 or 3 daily applications for about a month to see significant results.

In both cases it’s suggested that you use the cream before bed and wear gloves so that it can really penetrate and begin to work. Note that you can use Barielle Nail Cream over nail polish.

The benefits of Barielle Nail Cream include

- Begin strengthening fragile or damaged nails
- Need very little (a one ounce jar will go a long way)
- Formaldehyde free (so it doesn’t dry your nails further)
- Encourages healthy nail growth
- Antioxidants in the formula fight the signs of aging in nails

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