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Barielle Fungus Rx

If you have ever had a fingernail infection, then you know how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. Barielle Fungus Rx is a product that was made specifically for this problem. It’s made to be gentle on your hands but strong for fighting fungus, bacteria and common nail viruses.

FDA Registration

Unlike some other commercial fungus products, Barielle Fungus Rx has an ingredient that’s registered with the FDA as an effective anti-fungal application. Beyond this, the designers created this product with a special applicator that’s completely hygienic compared to other brush-on treatments that actually can spread infections.

The product is odor-free and anti-microbial offering the maximum power for not only fighting the bacteria but also keeping your nails healthy afterward. 

Using Barielle Fungus Rx

Barielle Fungus Rx is very simple to use. Begin by gently washing your hands completely. Dry them (note if you’re using a household towel the towel should be washed to prevent spreading the fungus).

Next apply Barielle Fungus Rx to the affected area of the nail. Don’t forget to put some all around your nail’s edges, under the tip and on the cuticle. If you’re treating your feet, the area between your toes should also be treated. Repeat this again later in the day.

Remember that continuing a good regimen of hand and food hygiene is necessary to support the effectiveness of this product and keep your nails healthy once healed.

Why it Works

Barielle Fungus Rx includes the antifungal Tolnaftate and calcium fluoride for antimicrobial action. Additionally there’s aloe in the treatment that soothes irritated skin.
Tolnaftate keeps fungus reproducing. However, since it does not kill the current fungus you won’t see the difference until your nail grows out. Advanced cases of nail fungus may not find this product effective.


The average price of Fungus Rx is $18.00 for a one-ounce treatment. Because this has to be applied twice daily, the treatment may become a little costly, but there’s the advantage of being able to take care of nail fungus problems in the privacy of your own home.


Barielle Fungus Rx is a cutting-edge product for treating nail fungus, infection and bacteria. It contains an FDA registered ingredient for halting fungus growth.

On average it takes 6 weeks to notice the results of the treatment depending on how quickly your nails grow (the new nail growth will be healthy). People with serious fungal infections should see a physician.

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