Barielle Foot Cream Review

Barielle foot cream is another product in Barielle's hand care, foot care, and nail care line up.

Barielle Total Foot Care Cream

As with all of Barielle's products, the foot cream has been designed with a specific focus, namely chapped or callused feet. 

The Barielle Line

Other products in the Barielle line that can work cooperatively with the foot cream include:

  • Heal and callus treatment cream
  • Rejuvenating foot treatment cream (exfoliator)
  • Cucumber foot soother (to ease swelling)
  • Intensive foot cream with deep sea mud (for dry skin and cracks)
  • Toenail softening cream

Why Treat Calluses?

Calluses on your feet form from repeated pressure and rubbing when you wear shoes. Some of this buildup can become painful.

It also can affect the way you walk. And while there are things you can do in your everyday life to prevent calluses or slow their formation, nearly everyone has them at some point in life.

Unfortunately many people overlook foot hygiene until problems arise. Be proactive and begin using Barielle foot cream or their other foot products and give your feet a well-deserved break.

After all, those two appendages support you all day long. A little TLC will go a long way to make your feel look and feel fantastic.

Soothing Ingredients

This cream is a very simple product comprised of sunflower oil, lanolin and Vitamin E (three of the main components recommended for dry, cracked or calloused skin).

Vitamin E has the additional benefit of being an anti-oxidant vitamin that encourages overall foot health and slows the signs of aging.

From consumer reports it appears the cream lasts a long time and is very fairly priced.

Barielle Total Foot Care Cream


The foot cream is part of a line of products intended to nurture your feet so that they’re healthy.

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If your feet are cracked, dry, or calloused, this treatment will begin to get your feet back to health (and its safe even for diabetics).

Award Winning Formula

Barielle’s Total foot care cream won the allure "best of beauty” editor’s choice award two years in a row.

The reason for that recognition boils down to the way the product was created. There are no ingredients that cause peeling.

It’s intended to be gentle on even sensitive skin while still doing a great job at moisturizing.


Barielle foot cream is easy to use. After you take a bath apply the cream. Also apply it before bed.

Once the cream is on your feet, wear some warm socks (microwave them for about 10 seconds).

If you keep the socks on at night they’ll help keep your feet moisturized (this also neatly keeps cream off of your sheets).


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