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Bald The Perfect Choice

I'm bald and loving it.......In fact I wonder why it took me so long to realize that this is really the perfect choice for me.

Growing up I've been continuously pressured by family and friends to never cut my hair-they think if I cut it short I would look terrible and regret it for a very long time and that a woman should grow her hair long because it is her crowning glory.

And because I was too scared to look bad I pretended to feel fine with having to deal with different hairstyles that never really made me feel satisfied.

For a while it worked on me but every time I see bald women in magazines,TV,and the internet I couldn't help but think how it would feel to be like them.

It intrigues me as well as captivated...until one day I got so fed up with everyone telling me what to do and and what is acceptable that finally it led me to cutting my hair short and the next day I shaved it all.Bare and felt so good.

See if I listened to everyone around me I would still have been suffering with thoughts of what might have been's and what if's..Now I can leave the house without my insecurities.

No more bad hair day and no one tells me now that bald is a wrong choice for me because they finally saw it happen.

And most importantly being bald gives me a different kind of confidence.It's more like a reminder to me that I can always do what is right for me and be less dependent on everyone else's impression.

To me it is the perfect choice for women wanting to feel different but scared to do so..Try it once,you might just love it. But of course I wouldn't recommend it to those who refuse to be bald at all...

by cici j. (cebu,philippines)

Bald The Perfect Choice Comments

All want for christmas is a beautiful bald woman, LOL seriously i love a woman who can shave her head and be confident, they really are the most beautiful women in the world it is my dream to meet a lady who would be ok with being bald, and i for one would be proud to walk by her side.

baldboy XXXX Mar 23, 2011XXXXXXX

amazing by: Anonymous you are so sexy...i wish u were my girlfriend Jan 19, 201

Gorgeous! by: Daz Cici, I'm so glad that you took the plunge. You look amazing, and very sexy.


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