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Bald My Head

Ni Luh Bald My Head

One of my dreams is to "Bald my Head"

Ever since I was a kid, I never liked the way my hair was.

It's so thin and looked like a wet rat if I do not wash every day. But because of my school that required long hair for the girls, I kept it long till I graduated from my junior year.

Then when i was in high school I started to shave both sides of my head, hoping it would grow back thicker.

I never had the guts to shave my entire hair, but then on November 18 2012, I finally lost my control and I said, I have to shave my head, hoping it will grow better someday.

So I did it and i'm happy about it although i'm not sure if this will help, but yea......I pursued my one of my biggest dream ever.

Ni luh

Ni luh

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Bald My Head
Published November 23, 2012

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