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Bald But Why


I had been thinking about shaving my head for almost two years until I did it.

I considered all of the factors of doing so:

  • Bullies
  • The Way I'd Look
  • What My Family and Friends Would Think
  • If I Would Regret It

After thinking it out for nearly two years, I'd decided: Screw Society!

I like the way a bald head looks, so why do I care if you don't?

I called my best friend, Hanna, and told her I had a surprise. "I'm going to shave my head!"

She freaked a little at first, then told me she wanted to be there! In an hour, the two of us were standing in my bathroom.

Her with a pair of scissors in hand and me with a camera. She chopped off my ponytail, went for the strays, and finished with the razor.

I knew I would eventually miss my hair, but I realized it would grow back! It's hair. That's what it does.


After brushing myself off, I took pictures and posted them on Facebook.

Within minutes I had so many likes and comments! Everyone LOVED my newly shaven head! Well, nearly everyone.

A cousin of mine thought it looked horrible. Yeah, it hurt a little to think she didn't like it, but then again, she never liked any of the crazy things I'd done with my hair.

I've dyed my hair upwards of ten times. The only person in my family who approved of it was my mom because she thinks that expressing yourself is very important.


When I went to school the next day, people asked me over and over why I did it. I simply said, "Because I like the way it looks!" and smiled.

A few people laughed. In response I said, "You're laughing because I'm bald? Would you be laughing if I had cancer?" and left them with that.

They seemed to turn away from me after that. I like to believe I changed their view on bald women. That precisely is the reason I shaved my head.

I haven't told anyone yet, so that is why I am here posting this right now. I want to share with everyone the reason I shaved my head.

Who needs hair to be gorgeous?


Just Because ......

Finally, I would like to include that many people have told me I am inspirational.

I don't think I would agree with that. I'm simply trying to change bullies' opinions on girls being bald.

Maybe in the future, they will see someone with cancer, and because of what I said to them now, they will not judge that person.

That's all I'm hoping for. Just a small change in the thoughts of a few people. Is that too much to ask? My name is Zizi, and I am bald! "Just because!" ;)

Zizi M

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Bald But Why
Published November 9, 2012

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