Bai Ling Hairstyles, Edgy And Fun

bai ling boxy hairstyleAsian actress Bai Ling wears her locks styled into a trendy fashion that will suit women of all ages.

This hairstyle although stylish, is still very trendy and could even been seen as somewhat daring.

When Bai Ling attended GQ Magazine’s Celebration for Heineken Premium light, this medium length trendy hairstyle took her there with flair.

Bai Ling’s hairstyle has ends that are blunt and razored a straight looks ends in a sassy finish. Bai Ling has thick bangs that were created in a manner that leaves them lying straight on her forehead.

Longer, straight bangs are perfect for those women who happen to have lengthy face shapes as it minimizes them somewhat. The somewhat boxy shape of this hairstyle is a good way to frame your face and create the illusion of narrowness.

How To Get Bai Lings Hairstyle

All that it takes to make certain a hairstyle such as Bai Ling’s is regular trims and treating your hair right.

That means be sure to keep up on visits with your beautician as well as following a good hair care regimen at home.

Bai Ling’s medium length sassy hairstyle can work well on women with diamond, oval, heart or oblong face shapes.

Although adaptable for most hair textures it is a style best suited for thin to medium tresses. Even though a hairstyle such as Bai Ling’s can be called slightly edgy, there is still enough sophisticated to the style to allow it to remain suitable for formal or career situations.

You would have absolutely no problems at all wearing your tresses in a style such as this for all forms of work and play. In fact, you can ready your locks in the morning and leave for entertainment right from the office with only a minimal hair touch-up in between.

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Style Steps Bai Lings Edgy Hairstyle


bai ling side view asian bobStyle Hair Steps Wash your hair and condition well.
Style Hair Steps Towel dry thoroughly and apply a small touch of moisturizer evenly through your hair with your hands. Work from the mid length down avoiding your roots. Moisturizer will keep your locks protected from heated styling tools.
Style Hair Steps Fill your palm with mousse and work the product through your hair. The mousse will keep your hairstyle under control.
Style Hair Steps Use a wide toothcomb to style your hair as desired.
Style Hair Steps You will want to use a medium round brush while blow-drying your tresses. Medium sized brushes are ideal for creating a smooth, luscious finish to your locks.
Style Hair Steps The back of your hair will need to be dried straight working in small sections. The same is true for the sides of your hair.
Style Hair Steps When drying your crown, lift at the roots slightly and dry the mid length straight.
Your bangs will be dried under so as they are as flat as possible.
Style Hair Steps Place styling wax on your fingers and pull your hair gently down on the sides and in the back. When it comes to your roots however, lift for body.
Style Hair Steps A dab of smoothing shine can be placed on the middle of your hair towards the ends for sheen that will not weigh your roots down.
Style Hair Steps Mist hairspray for hold.




Bai Ling Hairstyles

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