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Bad Breath Cures

Anyone who has ever suffered from bouts of bad breath has probably longed for easy ways to get rid of bad breath permanently.

Easy Permanent Bad Breath Cures

That awkward introduction to a date, or quick check right before a sales meeting when you wish the bad breath would just disappear is one everyone dreads. The good news is that there are simple bad breath cures to combat halitosis in your own home every day.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Step one for anyone and everyone (with or without bad breath) is taking care of your mouth properly. Just like mom taught, brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily using a good fluoride toothpaste.

This foundation of proper oral hygiene is truly your biggest ally not only for avoiding bad breath but also to avoid other dental problems like periodontal disease and tooth decay.

If you skip this step there is little else that will help you get rid of bad breath odors or enable any of the other bad breath cures to be effective.

Step two is another easy way to get rid of bad breath permanently – namely adjusting your diet to a healthier one. Studies indicate that people who eat just a little less protein and avoid sugary / high acid foods are less prone to developing bad breath.

Also avoiding known culprits like onions at meals can't hurt. Nibble on fresh fruit and vegetables regularly, which also make great fiber for your diet! There is no question that your overall nutrition affects your oral health – so mind your body to mind your mouth!

Step three is drinking lots of water. What could be simpler and less expensive? Drinking water helps promote saliva, which is a great partner in banishing bad breath.

Saliva helps remove any lingering bacteria that may cause unpleasant aromas. It does not hurt to rinse with water periodically during the day too!

Beyond this simple tripod of daily protocols, don't overlook Mother Nature's pharmacy. For example, peppermint tea not only makes your mouth smell fresh but it helps ease a gassy stomach. Poor digestion is one of the causes of bad breath.

Parsley is another good choice in that it's high in chlorophyll to purge those nasty odors. However, parsley is best used fresh, and/or minced up with vinegar (so hey, make it into your next salad!). No more tossing away that pretty green garnish at the restaurant.

Some oral health experts recommend massaging your gums regularly. This helps clean out the pores of the gums. Scraping your tongue (which can be done with any clean butter knife) is also recommended.

Afterward rinse out your mouth with warm salt water or lemon water to clean out any germs that were freed by the process. Generally doing this a couple times a week goes a long way toward permanently banishing bad breath.


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Your Oral Health

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Do not overlook the help of your dentist in finding easy ways to get rid of bad breath permanently.

Those twice a year check ups with thorough, professional cleanings re important.

For really difficult halitosis, your dentist may also have some recommended products that can help in between appointments. 

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