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Hollywood has always has its hand on the pulse of popularity. If you’re not sure what the hottest current fads and styles are, you need to look no further than tinsel town. Trendy, hip hairstyles are no exception. Right now, the ladies whose names you see in lights are all sporting the current chicest look, the ponytail.

glam ponytail

All over the red carpet this year, you can see ponytails matched up with evening gowns. Worn high on the head, low on the neck or slicked back into a stylish top not, it is elegance at its very best.

If you want a red carpet, Oscar night hairstyle for your own big night out, you can try one of the following ponytail styles.

Red carpet ponytails Charlize Theron has the high ponytail and Beyonce Knowles stole the spotlight with a wavy ponytail, view both styles in this ponytail gallery.


The Wavy Ponytail
Beyonce Knowles ponytail

arrow Set your hair with hot rollers and let sit until cool

arrow Unroll, separating curls with your fingers

arrow Gather hair at the back of your head

arrow Secure

arrow Leave face-framing tendrils free to soften

arrow Lightly mist with hair spray for hold

arrow Mist with spray shine if desired.


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