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Baby Teething

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Soothe The Pain Of Teething Naturally

All babies know that teething is painful. All parents know that teething is painful for babies too.

Once you notice your baby crying and trying to chew on things or drooling a lot you probably think is my baby teething.

A teething baby can mean long and loud nights that can be so frustrating for you and your baby. However, there is good news.

Your baby is beginning to grow her very first tooth. This is a great milestone for the both of you!

You will surely be calling your friends and family and snapping photos of that cute little tooth.

Unfortunately, the time it takes for that tooth to grow out of the gums can be very stressful and seem like a lifetime for both you and your baby

Usually babies will get their very first tooth between the ages of six and eight months.

This, of course, can vary widely depending on the baby. We are all different, after all. Most teeth will come out and grow in twos instead of just one at a time.

For Tender Baby Care

Signs That Your Baby Is Teething

  • Crying More Than Usual
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Trying To Put Anything In Her Mouth .
  • Keeping Hands In Mouth
  • Red Gums
  • Swollen Gums
  • Hard To The Touch Gums
  • Slight Fever¬†

Teething Pain

It can be quite difficult to see your baby in this amount of pain and discomfort.

The only thing you want to do is soothe her pain and make her feel better. Unfortunately, many over the counter treatments for teething just are not up to par.

Over the counter treatments for teething are always either preparations or painkillers. Is that something you really want to give to your baby?

You would have to apply these painkillers to your baby's gums on a regular basis. It is just not recommended to give babies painkillers, especially on a regular basis.

Over the counter treatments for teething babies can even contain alcohol and synthetic ingredients. 

Look for products that contain no synthetic ingredients and no alcohol and that are all natural and safe.

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Baby Teething
Author Tanna Mayer
Updated December 30, 2012

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