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baby hairstyles

There are many different baby hairstyles that can be experimented with.

Naturally, these styles will be dependent upon the overall length and thickness of the hair that the baby has.

You can also implement the use of hair accessories in order to bring out the features of the face of the baby.

Washing Baby's Hair

When washing your baby’s hair, it is important to know and understand that the head of the baby is very sensitive.

Basically, everything about the baby is sensitive. The skin, the eyes, and the sinuses of the child as well.

You must take special care when washing baby’s hair for baby hairstyles.

The following steps will need to be followed in order to ensure that you are properly washing the hair, and you are following the steps that are necessary to keep your baby safe while doing so.

Baby With Hair Brush

1. You should ensure that you purchase products that are considered to be safe for a baby.

If you are unsure of exactly what to get when it comes to baby grooming products, you may choose to talk about this with the pediatrician, or even your doctor.

They will know exactly what types of products to use. Otherwise, you are looking for products that promote "no tears”, and that are "safe for infants”.

This will ensure that the products pose no immediate and/or known threat to your baby.

2. Gather up a sponge, some lukewarm water, and the products that you have purchased for your baby’s hair.

Take the sponge and apply some of the lukewarm water. Be sure to test it to make sure it is not too warm for the baby’s skin, and then apply a small amount to the head.

Once the hair is saturated, it is time to move on to the next step.

3. Now, take one small drop of the grooming product that you have selected, and gently apply it to the hair.

Once all of the hair has been moistened by this product, simply clean it off with the water and the sponge.

Do not put the head of the child in the water, or under a faucet! Simply clean off with the sponge.

4. Once the hair is clean, simply take a baby brush and style the hair in the most appropriate manner that you are able to.

Style Inspiration

  • baby-hairstyle-020
  • baby-hairstyle-015
  • baby-hairstyle-002
  • baby-hairstyle-009
  • baby-hairstyle-010
  • baby-hairstyle-011
  • baby-hairstyle-016
  • baby-hairstyle-017
  • baby-hairstyle-018
  • baby-hairstyle-021
  • baby-hairstyle-022
  • baby-hairstyle-023
  • baby-hairstyle-025
  • baby-hairstyle-026
  • baby-hairstyle-027


There should be no hairstyling products used on the head of the baby! These products are quite dangerous for children in this age group.

Baby With Headband

When it comes to baby hairstyles, all you really need to do is simply brush what hair the baby has and possibly apply a baby head wrap.

These are really cute and do not pose a danger to the child. With a little experimentation, you are sure to find a number of baby hairstyles that suit the personality of your new bundle of joy!

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