Best 15 Styles for Baby Fine Hair

Baby fine hair is usually in the shadows of new hair style trends each season as the texture and volume needed for many of these styles is just not there. It is the texture of fine hair that makes styles or curls difficult to hold. 

Baby Fine Hair


Textured Style For Fine Hair

Texture being determined by the actual width of each individual hair, the smallest in diameter of all hair textures is that of baby fine. The hair overall can be flyaway, wispy and almost weightless.

Fine hair tends to lie flat making it look even thinner than it really is. If it is curly, it will usually be a little frizzy, very fragile, and very soft. As a rule, this hair type is not strong enough to attain any length without split ends and breakage.

Baby Fine Hair Inverted Bob

Baby fine hair can be part of the newest hair style trend, the inverted bob. The classic bob haircut defining feature is the obvious clean-cut lines at the ends of the hair. There are many variations of the bob: your best choice for fine hair would be keeping the length above chin level.

A skilled stylist can cut angles that will compliment your facial features and use graduated layers to create smooth curving lines that frame the head.

It is these layers or stacking that adds density and bulk where most needed at the back crown of the hair, the blunt cut itself creates body.

Cutting techniques will include light layering in the back crown area only, and then blending the hair downward to a clean blunt edge at the neckline. To create needed fullness at the sides cutting one length and having hair end about your chin level will give you great results.

Short Bob For Fine Hair

Fine hair cut in graduated styles that create smooth curving lines to frame the head and facial features looks thicker and full, it is the blunt cut creates the body.

This cutting style generally referred to as stacked, layered, or graduated The cut can have asymmetrical lines, or be an inverted bob hair style.


Baby Fine Hair With Short Bangs

Styles are worn with or without bangs, over the face, or with side bangs There is also a choice of side or middle parts.

Add Touches Of Color

Blonde Black Bob Fine Hair
Baby Fine Hair Pink Highlights
Chin Length Bob For Fine Hair

Styling Techniques And Maintenance

Choose Your Products Carefully

Baby Fine Hairstyle

Use shampoos and conditioners designed for fine hair and also designed to condition and build body and body. Hair styling products for your baby fine hair must be specially formulated to be light as possible to avoid weighing the hair down and flattening.

Popular Hairstyle For Baby Fine Hair

Adding body to baby fine hair normally requires a perm using very large perm rods and taking great care to protect the ends and not over process. This is not a hair project that you should attempt at home. It is very hard to hide any mistakes done to baby fine hair.


Parted Inverted Bob For Fine Hair

Your best choice for a styling product will be in the form of foam.  A large selection of foams, conditioners, and shampoos all formulated for fine hair are available.

To apply a foam product to your hair, put a dollop in your hands, rub hands together to distribute, and then apply to hair by running your hands through your hair concentrating on the root area for lift. Do not apply directly to hair and then try to rub in.

Blow Drying

Perfect Style For Baby Fine Hair

To blow-dry for more added fullness, use a vent brush, brushing in the opposite direction of where your hair will fall. Finish with quality curling iron, one with a higher heat, so you can style faster, this will keep to the minimum how long heat needs to be applied to your fine hair preventing heat damage.

A larger iron, at the one and a half inch size will work the best to create fullness. You can be creative to try ends under or flicked out and up. Book regular trims to keep your style in top shape.

Undercut Bob For Fine Hair

Celebrities With Fine Hair

Ashley Judd, Candice Bergman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Isabella Rosellini, Jackie O, Jennifer Aniston, Juliette Binoche, Jessica Simpson, Kathleen Turner, Kathrine Hepburn, Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Meg Ryan, Sarah Jessica parker, Sharon Stone, Tyra Banks, Uma Thurman

Chin Length Bob For Fine Hair

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