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Vitamin B5

B5 is your richest vitamin and the one you need more of when you are under stress of any kind.

Vitamin B5 Benefits

B12 Supplements ~ Cobalamin

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B12 Supplement Basics

A healthy body as well as a healthy mind comes about in a large part to the b group of vitamins of which B12 supplements falls into. Another name for the B12 vitamin supplements is Cobalamin.

There are many different reasons that the human body needs the B12 supplement as well as various functions that it has. One of the things that the B12 vitamin does is to change fats, carbs and proteins from the foods that we eat into energy.

An essential part of what B12 does in the body is to form healthy red blood cells which is important to aid in preventing heart disease.

B12 also works to help the immune system work to the fullest capacity possible. Besides all of its other essential functions, the B12 vitamin is also responsible for forming the protective covering of each nerve cell in the body.

Every cell in the body needs the B12 vitamin this extends to include white blood cells and nerve cells as well. The immune system relies on white blood cells and if the B12 vitamin is lacking, then the immune system is compromised, this leads to germs and viruses having a far better chance of attacking.

This is especially true when it comes to the cells in the brain. B12 is necessary to form a protective layer that can care for the brain.

Surprisingly, even though the B12 vitamin hold such importance in our bodies, we actually do not need much of this vitamin on a daily basis.

This is because most people get more than an adequate amount of the B12 vitamin through a healthy diet.

However, B12 is not easily absorbed by the body and therefore the body has to create its own to help the process along.

Our bodies produces intrinsic factor that helps the body to soak up the B12 vitamin from food that we need. It is very uncommon to find someone with a B12 vitamin deficiency, this is due in part to the fact that our bodies have the ability to recycle the B12 vitamin that it has previously absorbed.

Some people may become anaemic if they do not have enough B12 vitamin in their diet. This can happen with young children who are fussy eaters, the remedy of which can be to encourage them to eat from a range of food groups.

However, if you eat a balanced diet, the chances are more than likely that you will never need to take B12 supplement as you will have more than enough B12 vitamin in your system for all of the functions of this vitamin to perform perfectly.

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