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Let's take a rather different approach and talk about awards show style awards.

Awards Shows Fashion And Style

An award show is a very important event, and all the top stars and celebrities of the film and music industry show up at these events.

This is the place where the stars actually come down, and there is an atmosphere of general festivity, adorned with glamorous style demonstrations.

Millions of people are glued to their TV screens when these shows are aired, and many hundreds line up on the location of the actual event.

All of this is done just because they love and adore their celebrities, and would do anything to get as much as a glimpse of them.

Stars are also notable social figures. Everything they do, everything they wear and how they carry themselves are all factors that mirror their personality and fashion sense.

If somebody is an actor, or a popular social figure, it is not only important for them to perform really well in films and shows, but it is also necessary to have a great social image.

The crux of the story is that when a popular figure walks down the aisle, or the red carpet of an awards show, you look upon them for style and inspiration.

You want your favorite actress to look absolutely dazzling: she needs to wear something in accordance with the social image that she portrays.

When she doesn't, she causes a bit of disappointment in the eyes of her fans, whilst fashion critics hurry to throw heavy words towards her style choices.

There are many different magazines that discuss celebrities' fashion styles, talking about the outfits and gowns that these celebrities wear to red carpet events. Continue

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Updated May 7, 2012

So if your favorite stars have a natural style and grace, it will show in their outfit and apparel, and if they don't... well, they will either make a neutral or negative impression, or their personal stylists will bestow their greatest efforts to make them shine as all the spotlights focus on them.

All of these actresses have a personal style statement and they know exactly how to carry themselves in public.

They don't simply follow trends because they are all over the runway: instead, they embrace the styles they like and make them their own, prompting us to look up to them and feel inspired every time they smile in the spotlights.