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avril lavigne  pouf long hairstyle pink highlights

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has a sense of hairstyle all her own. She is definitely true to her personality and not shy about letting it shine through clearly with her long, quirky hairstyle.

Although she can be spotted on stage and at various different events with extensively diverse hairstyles, Avril Lavigne does tend to wear her locks long.

Basically, Avril appears to fall into the category of women who enjoy playing with and styling their locks in many different ways without having to compromise length.

There are so many novel concepts that you can use to provide yourself a completely alternative look- even if it is only for one night.

You do not have to have precious inches clipped from your tresses simply for a change. Avril Lavigne loves to play around with hair color and accessories. She also bravely will often utilize her cosmetics to create a new appearance.

Often, if you were to directly imitate Avril Lavigne hairstyles and look, you may not be able to turn up at work but you would sure be able to have some good after hour’s fun.

There are times when the shades that Avril chooses for her long, quirky hairstyles are washout hues.

This is something you can mimic with confidence, as most of these colors are temporary and will wash out with simple shampoo. The best part about playing with hair color like Avril does is that you can also co-ordinate your make-up to match. Follow this up by a complimentary outfit and your set to have a blast.

For this particular occasion, Avril chose to keep her tresses virtually stick straight and to bring the funk into her look with colored pink sections. If you have a slightly round shape to your face like Avril, this is a perfect look, as the length of the locks will offer you’re the illusion of needed length.


Styling Steps - Avril Lavignes Pouf Hairstyle

avril lavignes long pink pouf hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products that are appropriate for the condition of your tresses.
Style Hair Steps Rub a dab of straightening balm between your hands and carefully run your palms evenly over your locks.
Style Hair Steps Take the tail end of your comb and work just past the middle of your forehead on the side of your choice. Drag the comb back until you have created an even but slightly off center part.
Style Hair Steps Use a large brush while blowing the back of your hair down as straight as you possibly can.
Style Hair Steps The sides of your hair should also be dried in a downward manner using a large round brush.
Style Hair Steps While drying the crown, be mindful to stay on either side of your part, however you will want to lift at the roots for volume.
Style Hair Steps If desired, you can use a straightening iron on your hair, working in small sections. Go gently down from the roots of your hair to the ends.
Style Hair Steps Smoothing shine can now be spritzed on carefully, avoiding the roots.
Style Hair Steps Hairspray will keep your look in one place.

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