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Avoid Stress Tips

avoid stress tips

Keep it Cool, but not Too Cool

As a general rule, you want to keep yourself away from stressful situations. But this does not mean that stress itself can’t serve a useful purpose from time to time.

A Wakeup Call

Stress can be the wake-up call that informs you of the need to end a bad relationship or to mend a good one that’s somehow gone sour.

Stress can get you geared up for the challenge of a big job interview, a big test, a big game.

Stress can even save your life by sharpening your senses while you drive on a busy highway.

So keep it cool, but not too cool: An occasional dose of moderate stress is not only acceptable, but often beneficial.

Big Picture Tips For Avoiding Stress

Avoid Stress TipsAvoid unnecessary stress whenever possible.

If, for example, you constantly argue with your younger sister because she dips into your cosmetics bag without asking, try buying some makeup for her.

In a single bold stroke, you will have eliminated a major source of exasperation in your life, displayed your generosity and maturity, restored peace to the household, and perhaps even shamed the little witch into behaving better next time . . . all for the cost of a couple of lipsticks, some eyeliner, and a bottle of mascara.

Be careful, however, that you don’t sidestep life’s necessary challenges in the name of stress avoidance.

If you are struggling with math, for instance, you do yourself no favors by feigning a cold to miss a test in trig. That’s stress deferral, not stress avoidance.

What Is Stress

Solving Your Problems

tips Try to solve your problems, as opposed to dwelling on them.

Avoid Stress TipsTo pick up our previous example about the trig class, we’d suggest that you respond to your anxieties by taking practical measures to solve the problem that’s behind them—in this case, your weak math skills arid the fear of performing poorly.

tips Possible remedies might include asking the teacher to work with you after hours, seeking the assistance of a tutor, or studying with other students who excel in the subject.

How many people do you know who routinely spend hours on end fretting over their schoolwork, their jobs, or their relationships, yet next to no time at all seriously addressing the underlying issues that vex them?

We certainly know a few—and their problems just seem to get worse and worse!

tips To borrow from the title of a national bestseller, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Trust us, many of the concerns that seem monumental to you today will seem laughable in time.

If you doubt it, just think back to the stuff you worried about back when you were 8 or 9.

tips In similar fashion, try to get a solid understanding of what’s really important in your life. Meditation and yoga are two popular ways to find balance in a hectic world.

Avoid Stress TipsOnce you know your priorities, it’s easier to filter out the noise of day-to-day irritations and not allow them to deflect your attention from more meaningful matters.

tips Under all circumstances, keep your sense of humor. It will not only help see you through the tough times in life, but also make the good times even better.

We hope these tips to avoid stress help you relieve some of the work stress or stress from home or relationships you may be dealing with.

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Avoid Stress Tips
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