Avant Garde Hairstyles, When Make - Believe Becomes Real

Innovative and daring Avant Garde hairstyles take both hairdressing and imagination to the next level.

This is where the conventional and conservative hair styling turns into state-of-the-art design.

These unconventional styles make for grand fashion statements on their own such as as in hairstyle competitions and hair shows.

They capture our attention when complimenting magazine layouts as the focal point or to compliment fashion and beauty articles or ads with a conceptual theme.

And, most important they make make-believe, real.

Avant-Garde Hairstyles Rule The Runway

We also see some of the best off beat and way-out Avant Garde hairstyles used on the runways by inventive fashion designers who are ahead of the times.

Just like the clothing a model wears while she struts down the runway these extreme hairstyles are almost like a work of art themselves and are perfectly suited to show off the haute couture clothing.

Creative Styling For The Bold

Avant Garde hair takes width, height, volume, and accessories, and headdresses to the next level and blend a combination of these different elements into art.

From gravity defying updos to coiffures that have been back combed and hair sprayed to look like they are in motion, outlandish has become normal.

Shape Makes Style

Abstract, geometric, and even futuristic triangle shapes and angles are created by stylists with creativity, ingenuity, and in most cases, patience.

Many of these coiffures are created using hair forms, just as hairstyles were done throughout the 19th century or Victorian times.

avant garde buns style

You can try creating styles by gluing Styrofoam shapes from the craft or dollar stores to headbands then wrapping your hair strands around these.

Creative Color Expression

Hair strands can be painted out or dyed to create the sensual and smoldering or the gauzy and smoky looks.

Whimsical fantasy and fairytale pastel hues surprise us with color blends of nature's softest shades. With opulent puffs of sea shell pink and violet.

The bright, bold and intense colors of the Carnival come to life in styles that evoke fun and whimsy.

There are no rules for color combinations here, expect the unexpected and do the unexpected. When using color, just do the opposite of whatever makes sense.

avant garde hairstyle

Avant Garde Is All About Hair Texture

Here you truly are in your own in vogue element. Use hair texture to compliment or completely contrast your clothing or theme. Avant Garde hair is all about shock and awe.

avant garde hair

A style that would normally be silky smooth is done course with a mountain of frizz, instead of finishing with dainty silk roses you would accent with burlap bows. Big burlap bows.

Hair cab be artfully braided to look like lace and luxury and glamour become steam trunk punk.

Curls, ringlets, and spirals are over exaggerated and length is added with hair extensions, fabric, wool, or rope and string.

When You Need Avant Garde

Avant Garde is certainly not a style you will see on the street or in your office every day, but downplayed a tad, they might be perfect for a night out or party.

If you need the most outrageous and the most extreme hair style for Halloween, Mardi-Gra, Masquerade, or costume theme party, you will find them in our gallery below.

Stage and theatrical performances come to life with Avant Garde hairstyles.

The styles range from Avant Garde Mohawks, sky-scraping and flossy Updos, Buns and Buns styled into creative disks.

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avant gardse hairstyle for royalty

Avant Garde Hairstyle For Royalty

A style that evokes aristocracy, finished with a bejeweled golden crown to compliment costumes with finery.

A style for the princess or noble queen. By the expression, the evil or wicked queen.

How To Create A Simple Avant Garde Hairstyle

high quiff hairstyle

If your not feeling daring enough to try the Avant Garde hairstyles in the gallery why not try this high Quiff to begin with.

As with many Avant Garde styles you may be back combing until your arm is ready to fall off.

Use this as a base style, then use your creativity adding hair ornaments and accessories to make it your own original style.

How To Style A High Quiff

Using a paddle brush, blow-dry your hair straight or into very loose long waves.

Take out the front section of your hair across your forehead from temple to temple, about 6cm deep. Clip this section out of the way for now.

Draw the sides of your hair back off your face smoothly and either pin or ponytail using a covered band at the crown.

Leave the back of your hair to fall loosely to your shoulders or pin up for an all up style. Spray with a ton of hairspray for hold.

Avant Garde Hair Styles Gallery

avantgarde hairstyle

More Extreme Hair

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Avant Garde Hairstyles
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 24, 2015

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Avant Garde Hairstyles