Asymmetrical Black Bob, A Chic And Fashionable Style

This asymmetrical black bob is both chic and fashionable. The bob has been a popular hairstyle for many years, ever since the flapper days of the 1920s in fact.

Today's bobs however range from the all purpose jaw length or chin length bobs, which can be tucked behind an ear or flicked up at the tips, to the trendy modern asymmetrical cuts which are increasing in popularity every day.

You will see this style everywhere from the red carpet to the runway.

asymmetrical black bob hair

Try Sharp Bold Lines

The bob can work for all hair types, facial shapes and ages, although oblong, diamond, heart, square and oval faces look particularly good with an asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

Thick, medium textured hair carries it off well. You might want bangs or no bangs, a straight or side parting and deep or short angles.

If your hair is short, your styling options are still open with an asymmetrical bob. You can pull it back into a pompadour style, use combs and hair jewels and flick up the tips of the hair for a different look.

Adding Color

This hairstyle works on women of varying nationalities but you can add color if you like.

A sleek, glossy black bob looks great on black women and Asian women but if you are naturally fair or have blonde, brown or red hair, this style can also look great.

asymmetrical black bob highlights

Try Subtle Highlights

The asymmetric bob looks good both in one color and with highlights but if you are going to have highlights with this hairstyle, go for fine ones rather than chunky strips.

The hairstyle is eye-catching enough without going overboard on the color.

asymmetrical black bob hairstyle

How to Cut Our Featured Asymmetrical Black Bob

This cut is hip and modern and the resulting hairdo is sassy and striking. The style is shorter at the back and gets longer towards the face.

A professional stylist will cut the hair using a razor and leave longer pieces in the front for a dramatic look and to frame the face.

An asymmetrical bob has longer hair on one side of the face than the other.

The hair can be flat ironed in small sections, each section being bumped under to curl it a little at the tip. Else, it can be smoothed down poker straight.

How to Style an Asymmetrical Black Bob

Wash the hair and blow dry it. Use hair straighteners to smooth down the sections of the hair and finish off with hair spray to keep your bob looking great.

It is a good idea to stick with one chemical service at a time. If you are having your hair chemically straightened for this style, keep your existing color.

If you are having your hair colored, keep your existing hair texture.

Having more than one process at once can weaken your hair and lead to serious hair breakage, which will ruin the look of your asymmetrical bob and make it far more asymmetrical than it ought to be!

If you are using hair straighteners on a daily basis to smooth down your bob, it is a good idea to use a protective barrier product on your hair to minimize the heat damage.

If you are lucky enough to have poker straight hair already or you have chemically straightened hair, you can just blow dry your hair after washing and a little hair spray is all you need.

Try Subtle Streaks

asymmetrical black blondish streaks

black assymmetrical bob hairstyle

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Asymmetrical Black Bob
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Updated: May 2, 2015

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