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Asian Bob Hairstyles

Featuring modern Asian bob hairstyles, a great style choice to compliment the fine features and petite frame of Asian women.

The Asian Bob

This year, there are many different Asian hairstyles that are setting trends. One of the most popular trendsetters includes that which is called "Asian Bob Hairstyles".

If you are looking for a super sleek hairstyles that brings out distinct Asian features and beauty, the Asian Bob is the best choice.

Here, you will learn about this popular hairstyle as well as some basic tips and tricks to max the appearance with this style.

The Asian Bob Hairstyle can be worn in many different styles and colors.

Many may elect to wear this style in a solid color, or dual colors. There are many that may choose to mix more than two colors when it comes to this particular style.

The secret of this hairstyle is not so much the color that is elected, but the actual cut and how the colors are worn in conjunction with the cut.

As you will see in this Asian hairstyle gallery there are many different types of cuts that the Asian Bob can implement. These cuts include the asymmetrical, concave, and stacked cuts in Bob styles.

The asymmetrical Asian Bob is achieved by implementing the use of different angles and shapes.

Chic Asian Bob Hairstyle

Generally, the hair is cut in a line that may be shorter in the back and ease into a downward, longer slope in the front.

These cuts have been found to outline the jaw line and general shape of the face of the Asian woman.

The concave bob hairstyle is achieved by leaving the bangs cut straight across the face, cutting the back of the Asian Bob short.

Then allowing the sides of the hair to slope downward and longer as it nears the front of the face.

The stacked Asian Bob is a Bob haircut with multiple layers cut within the style.

Bob hair is a very important style for the women of Asia simply because "big" styles fail to be attractive and bring out the natural beauty and features of these individuals.

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Updated May 3, 2012


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