Ashlee Simpson Hairstyles New Colors, New Lengths

Ashlee Simpson hairstyles are setting trends, during the past few years Ashlee Simpson' s star rises and shines beyond big sister Jessica's in her own right.

ashlee simpson hairstyles

Being Jessica Simpson's Little Sister

Ashlee is very much her own woman and has never been afraid to experiment with different hairstyles. The Ashlee Simpson short crop is just another example of this young woman showing off how versatile her looks can be. Ashlee Simpson's short crop has more than a little funk to keep this hairstyle youthful and free spirited. Her side part works well to flatter her long face shape.

ashlee simpson short bob hairstyleWith layers throughout the back and sides to provide shape and volume, there is no doubt that Ashlee's short crop will be one of the must have hairstyles of this year.

Not everyone is brave enough to lop off their locks so that they can have the Ashlee Simpson short crop hairstyle. Thankfully, you can sport the illusion of the real thing with no trouble at all.

If your hair is long, simply clip the very back away from your face and style the sides as if you really did have the Ashlee Simpson short crop hairstyle. You will look like a million bucks without having to snip off a single inch. When Ashlee Simpson and her short cropped hairstyle are heading out for a more formal affair, she has been known to make use of sassy zig zag parts and hair clips to pull slight sections of hair away from her face.

The Ashlee Simpson short cropped hairstyle is based from one of the most popular hairstyles of all time- the basic Bob. It is layers that make this hairdo pop and stand out from the crowd. You can opt to wear the Ashlee Simpson short cropped hairstyle with or without bangs. Visit your stylist and ask for a Bob that falls to your chin with razor cutting on the ends to provide choppy layers. This will offer the modern edge to this hairstyle.

You will also want additional layers around your face to frame your features. If you do opt to sport a bang or fringe, keep them long and make sure that the ends have been razored to keep them from falling flat and heavy.

Styling Steps For Ashlee Simpson's Short Bob

  • Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type and texture
  • Detangle your damp tresses with a wide tooth comb
  • Work a generous dollop of mousse through towel dried hair Work with a large barreled round brush while blow drying your locks
  • Make sure you dry your hair in small sections working from the roots to the ends. Lift at the crown for volume.
  • Dry your fringe off towards the side of your choice

A flat iron can be used once your hair is fully dry. Just work in small sections pulling in a downward motion Your layers can be offered additional definition by working a small amount of pomade through your hair with your fingers. Pull in a gentle outward motion for a touch of pizzazz

The gallery below features Ashlee Simpson hairstyles as she has them changed styles over past years. Ashlee Simpson's hair color ranges from shades of blond to dark colors of red, brown, and black. Ashlee wears glam styles with ease and her latest hairstyle shown below with boyfriend Pete Wentz is an updo with braids.

Ashlee Simpson has worn her hair in short, medium, and long lengths. The long wavy style may run in the family as you can see with Ashlee's photo with sister Jessica Simpson.

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Updated October 20, 2011

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