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With the warm weather just around the corner, women find themselves taking measures to prepare their bodies for the beauty of spring and summer. Once the snow is safely melted away, its time to store your heavy boots and to break out your pretty open toe sandals.

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The trouble for some ladies is that they have toe nails that are less than appealing looking.

Where once you may have been forced to hide your ugly toe nails inside of closed toe shoes, you now have an interesting alternative.

Artificial toenails or fake nails for toes are the latest craze and make even the most hideous toe nails beautiful. As with faux finger nails, you can now have your artificial toe nails applied at your favorite salon right along with your acrylic fingernails.

If a nail salon visit is not an affordable option for you, there is always the alternative of buying fake toe nails at the drug store and applying them yourself at home. These fake nail kits are to be had for a very reasonable price.

You can pick from a wide variety of fake toe nails, there are nails that range from one solid color to various blends of shades and even a French pedicure. A French pedicure is the same as for your fingernails, just the tips are painted white and then a clear gloss is applied over the entire nail. This the most beautiful summer look when worn with open toed white sandals.

Putting on your fake toe nails at home is simple and should not take you any more than about fifteen minutes, which includes the prep work.

If the artificial toenails do not fit your toes exactly, they can be filed as necessary. Simply apply glue to the faux nail and affix directly on top of your own toe nail. If desired, a clear top coat can be applied for additional shine.

There are so many different occasions where fake toenails may be exactly what is needed for that extra special touch.

A day on the beach, a tropical vacation or even something as simple as a back yard cook out will all be that much more fun when you have your toe nails done.

Fake toe nails are also very easy to maintain. If one happens to pop off a touch of glue is all that it takes to put it right back into place.

Artificial toenails are typically made of acrylic, and are also becoming incredibly popular with ladies who are either missing toe nails for a range of reason or to just add a greater appeal to their existing toe nails.

You can also use fake toe nails that are made of a gel substance if you would rather instead of acrylic. Whichever type of faux nail that you use, the natural nail can be extended with a plastic tip. After this, the gel or acrylic is placed on top of the natural nail and the tip.

The substance hardens immediately and takes the shape of a new nail. Fake toe nails need to be cared for by filling in the space that forms as the natural nail grows. Nail technicians suggest filling about month on fake toe nails.

With your artificial toenails, you can be as creative as you want. Have fun experimenting with different looks. Match your nails to your shoes or your outfit when choosing nail polish color. Feel free to change them for different events and add nail art or charms for fun.

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